LifeSpan TR200 Compact Treadmill review

There is always a problem when building your own gym at home, and that’s space can be hard to come by. It’s because of this that more and more people are turning to compact cardio machines like the LifeSpan TR200.

With space at a premium, you will want something that isn’t going to hog or take over the whole room. The design allows it to fold down. That is why it’s become such a popular treadmill. And for the price. It’s no wonder.

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If we are to focus on the positives and the benefits it brings to the table, I find a lengthy list of specs that I believe help it stand out when compared to the competition. Not necessarily better, but greater value.

  • It includes three speed buttons to enable runners/walkers to go at there own pace. We appreciate not everyone is a gym bunny, and some are starting from scratch. This treadmill will certainly allow you to do just that.
  • Three built in incline settings allow you to mimic a hill which puts extra pressure and stress on the muscles, and adds a little bit of a challenge to everyone’s workout.
  • Quick start button makes life easier when you have a busy schedule and are trying to squeeze in a cardio session, be it after or before work or in between tasks.
  • You can plug your headphones in, or listen to music through the speakers at the front. We do recommend having your own sound system whilst training though, as no cardio trainer is going to measure up against them. Although the headphone port is a very useful addition when you have multiple people living in the same house, and quiet is needed occasionally.
  • As mentioned previously, it folds down compactly, and will not take up much room when it’s not is use. Perfect for those of you living in a smaller household, or those who have a gym that doubles up as a kitchen, or similar purpose. To give you an idea of size when fully assembled, it will measure roughly at 30.5 inches x 51.5 inches x 60.5 inches.
  • Lifetime warranty on the framework covers you in case there are any unfortunate accidents whilst exercising.


  • Audio quality is unlikely to be as effective as say a home sound system. This is only natural, and quite common.
  • There are limitations with how far you can push yourselves. But for a beginner, through to intermediate user, this could be an ideal treadmill for home use. If you want something with more power, you could consider looking at the LifeSpan TR 1200i which has some excellent features, and is one of the best selling products on the market.

What are consumers saying?

Lots of feedback from various sources, ranging from online fitness blogs, thorough to shops and online stores. If you research around yourself at major suppliers, you will find the majority of consumers tend to be rating it highly, despite its basic design.


I feel we can say that the LifeSpan TR200 ticks the majority of the boxes we look at when looking for a lower budget model. It’s an ideal machine to help you get the ball rolling as you work towards a much healthier lifestyle. Ratings and opinions online have further backed up that there is quality to be found within.