Marcy XJ-3220 review

Taken as a whole, the Marcy XJ-3220 spin bike can be the key to getting results from your cardio training. Whilst it may not be at the pinnacle technologically, what it does do, it does well, and that’s to give riders a solid platform to burn off calories.

The current feature list is not as lengthy as some other types of training equipment, but sometimes the good indoor cycles can be the ones with the simplest ideas implemented.

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We have certain specs we prefer a spinning bike to meet to understand if it’s good quality or not. We have a full guide on that on this site, and you will find it meets plenty of them, despite fitting a lower budget price point.

  • First of all, we believe a weighty flywheel is a very good sign of stability, and strength. This one packs a forty pound flywheel, which in effect, is around about the weight we recommend to our readers. Obviously this doesn’t make or break a bike, but it should be an important first step in your research. It should also be noted, this brings it in line with some other great indoor bikes like the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro.
  • Cages attached to the peddles are quite common in this industry. It’s designed to protect you from harming your feet and shins by stopping you falling off mid workout. It will also play a part in holding your feet more securely in place, allowing you to push down harder without to much worry of slippage. This exercise bike offers basket cages that are adjustable to meet the varying foot sizes of consumers.
  • Many cyclists complain about cardio trainers for home use. This could be because of its lack of comfort and perhaps a slight loss of realism. However, Marcy have produced a great range of flexibility when it comes to moving the saddle around. You can alter it both vertically and horizontally, to ensure it fits the different leg and arm lengths of the customer.
  • Change up the tension levels with the simple twist of a knob at the front. Challenge yourself, and go for harder levels of resistance than what you’re used to for the best results.
  • When not in use, most of your heavy lifting tasks are taken out of the equation thanks to attached transport wheels.
  • Users have reported that assembly after unpackaging was very easy, which is always a plus point.


  • Some riders that have purchased it reported squeaking problems in the first week of use. This could mean it requires lubrication, or it could mean it’s a faulty piece of equipment, that needs to be replaced.

What are consumers saying?

Unlike some newer cardio machines on the market, this indoor cycling bike has received plenty of ratings. At the time of writing this, the vast majority have has nothing but positive things to say about it, however, there are always issues that arise for some. Just be sure to look around at various shops, and read reviews before you decide to buy.


The Marcy XJ-3220 is certainly one to keep in mind if you are not wanting to spend too much cash on your home gym. Understandably, it won’t be including as much technology as commercial units, but it will hold its own again many of the mid tier cardio bikes.