Nautilus E614 Review

Offering a twenty inch stride length as well as twenty resistance levels, the Nautilus E614 has slowly gained traction, and is fast becoming one of the best selling elliptical machines in the medium price tier.

Users will also be able to make use of the smart technology included within the console that records all your workout data and stores it in one place.

There are several other features that have won plaudits from both consumers as well as experts. This is not unusual from a brand that has a history of producing top quality fitness equipment.

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  • A great set of training applications come built into the system that will help you remain focused in pursuing your fitness goals. The sheer scale and variety alone (there are twenty two in total), make it one of our featured choices in the medium budget category.
  • It will test your resolve and stamina with twenty levels of resistance. Whilst that is not the most variety we have come across in our research, it offers a great starting point for beginners and veterans to push themselves out of their comfort zones.
  • Stride length is as important as any other feature, and the E614 provides twenty inches, which is a solid amount that will allow users to stretch the strides out regardless of leg length, and not feel limited in what they can achieve.
  • A console system that will record every important bit of information about your workout. This encompasses a whole range of things such as distance, time, and with the help of hand grip monitors, pulse rate. It’s large, easy to read, and equipped with modern technology that makes controlling the elliptical machine very easy indeed.
  • Like many Nautilus fitness equipment before it, it has a solid frame which has specific design features that keep the base solid, including levelers and over sized tubing. No one wants to train on cardio equipment that feels unstable and flimsy, so the stability factor is always important.
  • A excellent warranty policy that offers ten years on the frame, one year on electrical parts, ninety days on labor, and two years on parts.


  • Despite it having a respectable amount of resistance, it could still have more to cater for more experienced users. However, it still offers more than the ProForm Endurance 520 E.
  • One consumer commented about the instruction manual not being clear enough in certain aspects.


The stride length tends to vary from machine to machine, but what appears to be the standard in the elliptical machine market is between 16 and 22 inches. With this one in particular offering 20 inches. This is certainly respectable and will allow users to train outside their comfort zone, especially if they don’t have a natural stride length close to that.

Clever design on the arms and peddles will produce a much more fluid motion that is consistent and reliable. A high speed, high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel will, to some extent, help with keeping it sturdy and effective. Then there is also it’s low noise levels that is often associated with this type of flywheel. This is not unheard of in front drive designs, but very important for use in a home gym setting.

The footplates have some great features. First and foremost, they are padded. Even though elliptical trainers naturally reduce impact on key joints, extra padding will reduce the chances of injury even further. They are also bigger than your average foot sizes to ensure a wider range of people can use it.

Another cool feature is it’s pulse sensor grips that will take note of your heart rate and feed it back to the console for you to analyze. The great thing about this, is that you will be able to note both your resting and active pulse and compare the numbers further down the line as your fitness progresses.

Speakers at the front of the elliptical will enable people to listen to music through chambered, acoustic speakers and get themselves into a striding rhythm. Quite a common inclusion these days, but one that is often necessary to help you push yourselves and fulfill your potential.

The frame is equipped with levelers and a solid center, which provides a solid base that feels very stable. No one wants to work out on something that feels it will break easily, so this will put your mind at ease. However, despite the fact we feel the build quality and design of the Nautilus E614 frame is very good, there are several competitors in this area, such as the Horizon Fitness Evolve 5, which we have also analyzed.

With consumer comfort fast becoming one of the leading focuses when choosing the right elliptical machine, it’s unsurprising to find a three speed fan to keep you cool throughout. During the summer months, the heat can be punishing, so anything to help improve the conditions should be welcomed.

For convenience, there are also transportation wheels for easy mobility. With dimensions of 71.5 by 26.7 by 63.2 inches (L x W x H) and a weight of 167.3 pounds, it’s nice to know you can roll it around once fully assembled, rather than lift.

You can also analyze the structure and important details given to you in the owners manual, which also includes important information about it’s warranty too.

Exercise features

As you would expect from the Nautilus brand, there are plenty of talking points when it comes to the options and functionality for exercising.

It has twenty two training programs that target specific areas of fitness. While it may not offer the same selection as the Elite E9, it does provide eight which focus on heart rate, two are tests for your overall endurance and stamina, as well as several other profile based options that will make working out a bit more interesting and feel less of a chore.

On top of that, users are spoiled for choice in the amount of resistance included. Overall there is twenty, each can be a challenging test for a wide variety of users ranging from the complete beginner to fitness, through to experts that have been training for years. The differing intensity levels allow the beginners to progress slowly and gradually through each level, whilst intermediate people will be focusing on improving times and results using the console data.

Console and data tracking

A LCD display at the front will be the control panel that allows you to change each of the settings individually, including what tension level, the exercise program you’re currently working with, as well as other side options such as the speed of the fan and much more.

Also included will be each bit of important data for keeping records of your performance, and understanding if your training is working well enough for you or not. Using this data, one can tweak their regime slightly for the best results and push towards breaking personal bests over several different distances. Test yourself, the sky’s the limit.

What are consumers saying?

Despite being quite a newcomer, it has won praise from many consumers to date. While not quite as popular as some of the best sellers in the market, it has certainly been making leaps and bounds towards this.

The majority of feedback we have come across is quite clearly of a positive nature with several comments appreciating the sturdy frame, as well as the exercise features included providing a challenge.

Negatives we found related to USB upload not working for one user as well as it missing a few washers within the packaging. Both of these seem quite isolated incidents however, and there is certainly more positives than negatives found so far.


For a home gym level elliptical trainer, the Nautilus E614 could be just what you’ve been looking for. Upon researching the inner workings, design, and training options, we conclude that this is one of the leaders in the medium price tier. So if this falls within your budget level, this could well be worth considering.

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