Nautilus E616 review

If you’re not familiar with Nautilus, they are a market leading brand that have manufactured some of the most popular home gym products. The E616 elliptical machine is such an example of his.

However, this machines popularity among consumers is not just down to the brand name. It has won an awful lot of praise for its design attributes and training functionality.

People enjoy variety in their workout regime, and that is exactly what is brought to the table here, with a long list of specs, alongside first class tracking technology within the console.

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We have found plenty of positives related to how it can help you improve your workout regime as well as ensuring users remain focused on their end targets of losing weight, building stamina, and toning up muscles.

  • A twenty inch stride length is plenty for the average leg length. Their may be some individuals out there looking for something longer, but they will be few and far between. This will be enough for the average home gym user to work up a sweat.
  • No shortage of exercise programs here, with twenty nine in total. There are plenty of elliptical trainers that fall way short of this including the ProForm Endurance 520 e, which only has eighteen. Of course, it makes up for that in other areas, but for all purposes, these applications serve as a way for people to stay motivated, and determined in reaching fitness goals, and a shortage of them can be a problem.
  • Also included is twenty five resistance levels. Work your way up through the easy tension levels, and see yourself gradually progress, getting stronger, fitter, and healthier as you push towards the hardest and most intense difficulty levels.
  • Want to record your heart rate? no problem. Hand grip sensors will take note of your pulse rate and send it to the consoles computer display.
  • Do you have a small family where you will require multiple users, who work with different training sessions? The E616 has you covered with four user profiles. This way individuals exercise data will not get mixed up.
  • Includes a motorized ramp on the peddles to change the incline between zero and eleven percent. This will help ensure things stay fresh, challenging, and keep the muscles guessing.
  • It has plenty of comfort design attributes that focus on reducing stress on joints and muscles. Key examples of this is the padding in the footplates as well as the dual action handlebars.
  • If you’re looking for a quiet cardio machine, that runs smoothly this could be ideal, thanks to it’s high speed, high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel.
  • Excellent warranty policy that has you covered on the framework, mechanical parts, electronics, and labor costs, just in case anything goes wrong or stops functioning.


  • While researching into differing points of view and feedback, we found one consumer who said that his heart rate is getting recorded 50% quicker than it actually was. Sensor was since replaced. Looks as though it was a faulty piece of equipment.
  • One customer claimed the resistance settings were too challenging even on the lowest settings. Nautilus support contacted them saying that the resistance magnets may be causing the problem. In other words, an isolated incident.


The Nautilus E616 has a purpose built home gym design, that is technologically advanced, sturdy, and modern. When you filter through the long list of specifications, it’s easy to see there is a lot of focus being given to user comfort as well as convenience.

The twenty inch striding length is respectable, and a length that’s inline with many of the top rated elliptical trainers in the industry. For example, the 1260ef from Diamondback has nineteen inches, and it’s a well respected model.

For example, the foot plates and handles are padded to reduce the strain your hands and feet take on board. The plates are also deliberately over sized with curved grip lines that prevent you from slipping off whilst exercising.

Additionally, a built in three speed fan can work wonders in keeping you cool in even the most punishing heat. Most of you don’t get the same cooling effects as commercial air conditioning found in gym’s so anything to help in this respect is welcome.

Frame levelers at the back, front and center add stability to the already sturdy structure. When you look at the  materials used, and the weight capacity of 300 lbs, you begin to understand why Nautilus have built a reputation for durability and reliable fitness products.

There is also acoustic speakers on the console should you wish to play your music while working out. Most people choose to train to their own playlists using devices with a bit more base, however, it’s always nice to have the option.

As always, the overall footprint is very important for home gym users. Space can be of a premium and choosing something that’s too large can certainly be problematic. Fortunately, the dimensions are convenient in our opinion, measuring 71.5 by 26.7 by 63.2 (Length x Width x Height).

Exercise features

Includes twenty nine exercise programs encompassing a nice variety of purposes to help you stay in shape as well as keep you motivated in those times you find yourself feeling a bit lazy. It comes as no surprise to us that the Schwinn 470 has the same number of programs as they are both manufactured by the same company.

The same applies to the resistance levels included. The E616 has twenty five tension levels that will certainly add the extra intensity both intermediate and advanced users require to hit their targets.

Console and data tracking

The console is the control panel or brains of the elliptical. All the training functionality along with music, USB ports, the workout fan and more can be found on it.

It also serves as a heart rate reader. It does this by making use of the hand grips on the handles to sense users pulse rate, which then gets sent back to the dual track LCD monitor.

Other display options on this screen include keeping tabs on your goals, distance, calories burned off, time taken and much more. The great thing about these sets of data is that they can be recorded and copied onto a USB for you to export to Nautilus Connect website. It’s also compatible with MyFitnessPal.

What are consumers saying?

When we research various opinions of the consumers as well as experts in the fitness field such as bloggers, we believe it ratings show in a quite clear cut way that people who have purchased this machine are happy with it. The positive feedback we have found to date has certainly been more than the negatives.

However, it’s important to remember that this is still a relatively new elliptical trainer, and things can change. So keep your eyes on this section for updates in the future.


Coming to a conclusion on the effectiveness and value for money provided by the Nautilus E616 was quite easy. There is no doubt in our mind that this is a solid piece of cardio exercise equipment that boasts several training features that enable it to go toe to toe with some of the leading models.

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