Nautilus E618 review

The E618 elliptical machine has a spec list that gives you the tools and technology to train effectively from home.

You can pick from twenty nine exercise programs, alongside twenty five levels of tension to keep your workouts fresh and challenging. Plus, a front drive, thirty pound flywheel will help keep the striding motion smooth and fluid. To top it off,  you have the ability to see key performance and training statistics on the computer screen.

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Main features

Like several of its sister products, such as the e614, there is plenty of choice given in terms of training functionality. We look at a few of the positives below.

  • Switch up the difficulty of your strides by altering the tension controls. Pick between 0 and 25, meaning there is variety to meet many differing exercise requirements as well as people of varying fitness abilities.
  • In addition to the choice in tension, you will also find a nice selection of exercise programs built into the console. The manufacturer lists 29 in total, and they are designed to challenge you, and keep you pushing the boundaries of your training potential with apps such as interval training, and managing your weight.
  • It’s equipped with back lit screens at the front that will display everything worth knowing about your workouts in one convenient location. Feedback on things like time, speed, distance will all be displayed. What’s more, in the areas surrounding the screen, you get user friendly navigation buttons that will ensure people get full control over how they train.
  • You are able to add another layer of intensity to the movement by making use of the built in power incline settings. You can control the ramp between zero (flat) and fifteen degrees. This will allow you to target your muscles differently then the standard striding motions.
  • Its sturdy frame can handle weight capacities of up to 350 pounds, with levelers used to ensure the machine doesn’t tip over.
  • Movable handle bars ensure you can target your upper bodies muscle groups as well as your lower.


So, taking into account all the features listed above, we think that the Nautilus E618 could be a sensible investment for those of you wanting something to challenge yourself from home. Twenty five separate levels of tension will help contribute towards this, but also the twenty nine exercise applications found within the console which will keep things interesting. However, this isn’t going to be a low budget model, for that you may want to go back to our reviews page to find something that fits your price range.

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