Nautilus R614 review

The Nautilus R614 stands out in the recumbent exercise bike market for numerous reasons. First of all, it offers cyclists a lot of choice regarding the amount of resistance and intensity.

Secondly, it has a long list of training programs that we consider to be excellent for staying motivated. Each of these applications will focus on different area of your training, and help you reach your ideal fitness level.

Then thirdly, there has been many positive things said about it by both experts and consumers alike, a tell tale sign on the quality of a bike in our view.

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  • Nautilus are a respected brand name with plenty of loyal followers who purchase their products each year. Known for their quality and reliable exercise equipment.
  • Includes a good amount of peddling difficulty levels with 20 differing levels of Eddy current resistance. Ultimately, the brilliant selection in intensity, can be what makes or breaks a bike. This model excels in this area, with enough variety for the complete beginner to cycling, or the more advanced user looking to train inside to escape the elements.
  • On its variety in difficulty, riders will also be presented with a choice of 22 separate workout application that can be truly beneficial in helping you meet your training targets, be it weight loss, stamina building, or toning up muscles.
  • If you workout in the kind of environment where you need your cardio equipment to be mobile, it has transport wheels attached, enabling you to roll it into different rooms or storage with ease.
  • Fan that has the option of choosing between three different speeds. Great for the indoor environment of home gyms, where it can get rather hot and sweaty.
  • Clearly built in a strong and stable fashion with a weight limit recommendation by Nautilus of up to 300 pounds. Many models don’t match the R614 recumbent bike in this aspect. In some respects, user weight can be attributed to the durability shown by the product, although experience does say that this is not always the case.
  • Quiet and smooth operation.
  • Very good value for money. It sits in the lower to medium price point, which is not something you normally see with the functionality on offer.


  • A complaint we found centered around the fact that they found the adjustable seat lever releasing too easily when working out. While this was not a commonplace review, it’s certainly worth consideration. It does appear to be a faulty unit however because the seller contacted them regarding getting it fixed.


The seating offers great ventilation with strategically placed holes to allow air to flow through. Both the back and seat are contoured, while the seat is also padded to ensure riders are as comfortable as can be at all stages of their workout.

What’s more, this style seat offers excellent lumber support in comparison to similar recumbent bikes.

The seating also operates on a central rail system that allows it to slide closer or further away from the console areas. This form of adjustment makes the ride more comfortable, and allows it to operate for a wider target audience, which is great for your home or family gym environments.

Includes a high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel that will keep the peddling motion running smoothly while operating very silently. This is backed up by numerous feedback from consumers who take note of the very same thing.

It’s also a very solid cardio platform thanks to the levelers and solid, oversized tubing framework in the center. There will be very little, if any sway or movement whilst peddling.

Integrated transport wheels make movement very simple indeed. Simply roll it into storage, or the edge of the room when not in use.

The handlebars at the front of the R614 are ergonomically designed to make sure riders are working out with the most correct exercise posture as possible. Also built into these handles are heart rate sensors that feed pulse data to the console upon gripping them.

Exercise features

Twenty different levels of eddy current resistance set the tone for the rest of the bike. Upon seeing sheer variety in training options, I knew it was going to be packed with some great features within it’s spec list. The best thing about so many tension levels, is that the bike won’t be limited to veteran cyclists. Complete beginners will be able to find a level or pace to go at that will best benefit them too.

Built into the system, users will see twenty two exercise programs that cover numerous training options such as weight loss, and endurance. Also included is the option to create two separate user profiles, which is ideal for multiple users. Eight others are heart rate focused, while some are also fitness tests.

Console and data tracking

Like many exercise bikes, the R614 tracks all kinds of useful information about your latest ride including speed, time, and distance. Not anything unusual these days, with brands doing exactly the same on bikes like the Schwinn a20 and the Exerpeutic 4000. Nevertheless, it’s still a practical and important part of training.

You will also be able to transfer data between Nautilus connect or even my fitness pal applications for tracking, comparing and recording progress. This brings the possibility of a little bit of fun and competition between yourself and friends.

Quick start buttons alongside numerous other buttons make things extremely simple to change resistance, and workout apps.


A video to sum up the main technology areas and much more.

What are consumers saying about it?

After researching into, and analyzing data from online shops around the web, it’s quite clear that their is a high degree of quality to be found in this particular model.

Their is positive feedback on all kinds of things ranging from the amount of exercise options available through to how quietly it runs.

There are a few negative comments too, but they are overshadowed by the positive and it’s clear we are onto a winner here.


After going through all the specifications, capabilities, and functions of the Nautilus R614 recumbent bikes, I think it’s easy for us to conclude that this model excels in most departments. There is clear value to be found in both training and design options, and to top it off, it’s not very expensive when you look at the grand scheme of things.

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