Nautilus R616 review

With a surprisingly modern design and plenty of great cardio training features, the Nautilus R616 sets the bar for both style and working up a sweat.

Perfect for those of you requiring lumbar support and low impact workouts, it is quickly becoming popular thanks to its affordable price tag.

In our research, we have found plenty of positive feedback from happy customers who have lots to say about its overall effectiveness and value for money.

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Training options

As you would expect from a cardio machine from Nautilus, it comes equipped with plenty of options and settings that will make your workouts challenging and effective.

First of all, there 25 levels of resistance. This is slightly more than the 20 offered by the Vision Fitness R20 bike. The difficulty levels of each vary so much that it will cater for people from all fitness backgrounds ranging from the very beginners to advanced veterans.

Other benefits of having such a wide choice in tension include the ability to conduct high intensity interval training. You can train for a few minutes full effort and then have a cool down period on a lower setting to catch your breath. This is a highly effective way of burning off calories.

Next up, there are 29 built in exercise programs to keep things fresh. This is level with the popular Schwinn 270 recumbent bike. These are split into several categories with eight focusing on user heart rate, two are customizable, nine are user profile based, two are stamina tests, and one is for booting up the bike quickly and getting your workout underway faster. These are great motivational tools and can certainly keep riders determined to meet their fitness targets.


It has an easy to read LCD monitor that has advanced tracking technology built in. Track how well your training session is going using key metrics such as distance, time, and speed. This is a highly effective way of keeping tabs on your overall progress.

What’s more, the R616 display will allow you to plug in USB devices and is Bluetooth and MyFitnessPal compatible.


A seat that is contoured and padded ensures cyclists get the most comfort possible. Unlike their upright counterparts, recumbent exercise bikes are equipped with a seat that offers back support and appropriate ventilation to keep you cool.

You can also adjust the position of the seating by moving it closer or further away from the peddles using the rail beneath it. There is nothing worse than trying to peddle when you are too close to the monitor, not just because of the discomfort, but also the risk of causing unnecessary injuries and stress on joints.

Like the 440 ES, an additional comfort feature is the three speed fan that will cool you off after an intensive training session which combined with the fluid motion of the peddles, can offer a really stable ride.

Another welcome design feature is the oversized peddles and transportation wheels. The peddles cater for all feet sizes and provide plenty of room and comfort, whilst the transport wheels make moving the bike around the gym a breeze.

The dimensions are as follows: 65.3 inches in length by 28.3 inches in width by 49.6 inches in height. It weighs 91.9 pounds.


Below is a short overview of it’s features in a video.

What are consumers saying?

Whilst still a relatively new release, there has been a lot of feedback being shared on various shops and stores online. We want to share the general gist of these thoughts in this section.

Amazon – Majority of reviews are very positive. Comments talk about the average assembly time, along with the easy to understand instructions. Another went on to say the seat is possibly one of the most comfortable they have used.

The bottom line

Not everyone is working with the same budget, and we appreciate that. So if you are wanting something cheaper than your average bike, you may want to look into the Schwinn a20 or the Exerpeutic 900xl. Both offer a great set of features with top class exercise functions.

Overall, what we have here is a highly effective cardio machine with all the trimmings required to burn off fat, build endurance and get in shape. The Nautilus R616 is perfect for medium budget users looking to get the most bang for their buck as the comfort features and training options are up there with some of the best the recumbent bike industry has to offer.

Check here for customer reviews and discounts