Nautilus R618 review

The r618 recumbent bike is a mid range option that will ensure users have the ability to get an intensive workout from home.

Featuring a respectable amount of workout apps, tension, and user controls, this bike could be a great addition to your cardio training regime. What’s more, users will be able to monitor in depth data about their workouts through the computer screen.

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Main features

Before you select any model, there are a few things you should be looking into in more detail. For one, would it provide a big enough challenge for your current level of fitness? Then there is the smaller things like what its weight limit, comfort, and tracking features are. We have researched into this bikes specifications to answer some of these questions below.

When it comes to intensity, you’ll want to keep track of things like resistance levels and exercise programs. Both can offer very different challenges.

This product provides twenty nine exercise programs to train through. More than enough to keep your average rider busy with a selection of interval training apps, weight control, heart rate, and user customization programs. They will give you something extra to push towards other than just the standard training day in, day out.

The twenty five resistance levels built in will also ensure people who are starting out can gradually train their way through each of them  building up leg strength and stamina as they go. And even if you’re someone who’s already fit, you can start on a heavier tension and get a decent workout too. The main point being, this will cater for multiple users of different fitness levels, which means it could work well in a family household. To further demonstrate this, you get to choose between four user profiles within the console.

The seating will provide back support and the seat itself is contoured and contains gel padding for comfort.

As for the design, you get transportation wheels attached to make moving it around simple, plus a sturdy frame that can handle people weighing up to three hundred and twenty five pounds.

Includes standard data tracking on the console screen with things like speed, time, and distance recorded, plus a warranty policy that provides coverage for fifteen years on the frame, three on the various parts, and one on labor.


The Nautilus R618 could make a suitable choice for those among you who aren’t too fussed about the price, and just want something that’s sturdy and with a good range of training functionality to help you push yourself without the need of facing the elements outside.

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