Nautilus T614 review

Our featured reviews wouldn’t be complete without the Nautilus T614. It includes a long specification list that highlights some fantastic design features as well as some exceptional training functions.

Runners who have used this brand before will know all about the quality cardio equipment they offer in other markets, and they carry a well respected reputation with them.

A large clear screen that details everything about your recent training sessions, combined with a easy to set up, modern design presents a unique model that has been receiving high ratings despite being a relatively new machine.

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  • It comes with a very large LCD backlit display that makes tracking your runs simple, and reading the data easy thanks to large clear text.
  • A soft drop folding system does a great job in helping users with limited space build their home gyms. Space in the home can often be difficult to spare, so any compact design features should be welcomed.
  • A 2.75 continuous horsepower motor that gets the track moving at speeds between zero and twelve miles per hour. Nothing out of the ordinary in terms of speed, but the more powerful the motor, it’s quite often said that, the more reliable, and durable it will be.
  • Train as if you are running uphill thanks to the built in incline that can be changed at gradients between zero and twelve percent. A very effective way to train when used in combination with other cardio workouts.
  • Strikezone cushioning effect on the tread belt will help you feel light on your toes and reduce the amount of stress your feet and joints take on board.
  • A decently sized tread belt length at fifty five inches makes it a suitable option for those of you who are taller, or tend to have longer strides. Very similar to the Adventure 3 from Horizon Fitness in this regard.
  • Plenty of exercise programs included, twenty two in total.
  • Fairly inexpensive when you consider treadmills with similar features on the market.


  • Some users complained that the motor didn’t work for them upon delivery. While these are mostly isolated incidents, it’s always worth taking into consideration before you purchase anything.
  • Another complained about the control panel not working correctly.


The T614 treadmill has a well structured design that has some great modern features that make it clear Nautilus are looking to keep things compact for the home gym environment, while keeping a sturdy base which it does, with a recommended 300 pound weight limit.

Of course, their are models that offer a stronger frame, base and a higher weight limit, such as the ZigTech 710 from Reebok, and the Sole F85.

These days, many consumers don’t have the space to designate one room entirely for exercise, so they have made options that are easy to store like this model.

The soft drop folding technology also takes care of the majority of lifting to ensure runners are not injured when packing it away.

Transportation wheels also take care of the mobility issues a lot of machines have. Simply roll it into a corner or cupboard when not in use and away you go. Much more appropriate than leaving it in the middle of the room acting as a clothes hanger!

The belt size measures at 20 by 55 inches which is about average for width and slightly above average in length, which will certainly suit taller people.

A fan that allows runners to stay cool while training has three different speed settings at the front, and is great for keeping your temperature down.

Exercise features

The 2.75 CHP motor offers performance and reliability, while at the same time keeping the power flow to the belt consistent. It will enable joggers to go at speeds up to twelve miles per hour, which is more than enough for most distance training. 

This motor doesn’t quite have the same kick as the 3.0 CHP that the T616 offers, but it’s still pretty good nonetheless.

The twelve percent incline is a great add on that will certainly help in targeting different muscle fibres, while keeping the intensity levels high. If you enjoy taking part in cross country vents, this is the sort of thing you would add to your training regime.

Twenty two unique workout applications add to the fun and certainly act as a great motivator to stay the course and train towards your fitness goals. Some examples of the apps include heart health, weight loss, and custom options.

Console and data tracking

Make the most of your workouts by keeping tabs on how your performance levels are progressing. Data fed to the console is a great way to look at areas that need improvement. The T614 will enable users to record information on running speed, distance covered, heart rate and much more.

The surrounding console area features all the additional training buttons that control belt speed, what training app you’re working with, and incline levels.


A quick video overview highlight it’s main features below.

What are consumers saying?

From our research, one things clear. The positives outweigh the negative ratings currently. And while there is a few complaints, they are few and far between, and the the overall majority seem to appreciate and enjoy the functionality on offer.


As a home gym cardio machine, the Nautilus T614 treadmill is a fantastic option that should certainly be considered. It’s best suited to users with a medium budget. The space saver design, combined with the training capabilities such as the hill running and apps, have certainly won us over.

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