Nautilus T616 Review

The Nautilus T616 treadmill is a great option for intermediate and advanced runners looking to improve stamina. The design and functionality are first class and the training features included will really help you push towards your fitness targets.

There are also plenty of training options such as workout applications and the ability to jog on an incline for the extra bit of intensity.

After doing our research into how people are rating it, one things clear to see, there is a pattern showing the majority of consumers are very pleased with their purchase.

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The positives

  • A powerful 3.0 CHP motor for smooth and consistent running platform.
  • Two large computer displays at the front of the treadmill offer an insight into user performance.
  • Plenty of choice in what speed to train at. The belt will go anywhere between zero and twelve miles per hour, which is often enough for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users and equal to what the Schwinn 830 offers.
  • Well built structure. The three hundred pound weight limit suggested by the manufacturer highlights this.
  • Plenty of space to stretch out your strides with a tread belt measuring 20 by 60 inches.
  • Huge amount of choice in training programs. Twenty-six in total, This goes above and beyond what many of the t616’s competitors are doing.
  • Make the difficulty of the exercise harder using the built in hill training/incline settings. This can be set between zero and fifteen percent which matches the Horizon Fitness Elite T7.
  • Very easy to start your workouts with quick start buttons that handle the speed and the level of incline.
  • Space saving design that can be folded when needed.

The negatives

  • Finding itself in the mid to upper tier level of treadmills, some may find this a rather expensive choice.
  • A couple of user reviews around the web commented on how they had difficulty in the set up. While this is not something that appeared to be common, it’s definitely worth keeping in mind.


Spacious, convenient and modern are just a few of the words we would use to describe the Nautilus T616 design features.

No one likes to feel boxed in whilst jogging, which is why the tread belt measures at twenty inches in width. The length isn’t too bad either at sixty inches. This will be more than appropriate for the wide majority of people.

What’s more, the belt is equipped with a six cell cushioning system that reduces the impact on your bones, joints and muscles. Regular treadmill users will be all too familiar with some of the ‘wear and tear’ type injuries they get from jogging for long periods of time. This help prevent them.

A soft drop folding system enables you to keep things tidy, save space and possibly use the gym room for another purpose when your not training. Nautilus seem to understand not everyone has space in their home’s to dedicate one room for all your exercise.

Exercise features

Some of us require a little more motivation to push ourselves past our fitness comfort zone. Breaking through that barrier is something that comes natural to some, but for others Nautilus have implemented twenty six workout programs all designed to help your health improve.

To understand exactly what each of the programs do for the runner, we will break it down into a simpler form.

  • Four are heart rate and pulse based
  • Three are for interval training
  • Six are for general running and fitness
  • Five of them help you work towards your weight loss goals
  • Three are goal based
  • Four are fully custom depending on the user
  • One is manual

Each of these are excellent tools for keeping focused and ensuring you are working out at the rate you should be regardless of your current fitness level, something that is common in their other treadmills such as the cheaper Nautilus T614.

Console and tracking

The computer console at the front is the dashboard where everything about your run can be found. Data that outlines how well you have been performing throughout your workout is fed back to it, which is then displayed on the two LCD screens. The data is large and easily readable even when moving, which is always an important aspect.



If a highly functional treadmill that gives you the option to train intensively, the T616 could be exactly what you’re after. The higher priced may be an issue for some, but for others it could also be seen as a sign of quality.

What’s definitely clear however, is that consumers often have the last word in the form of ratings and feedback around the web. What we are starting to see is a wide majority of comments who are very happy with their purchase so far.

Check for customer reviews and discounts here