Nautilus T618 Review

The T618 treadmill is from the Performance series of Nautilus. It feature some good training functionality that will give users a platform to do cardio exercise away from the cold and wet outside.

You can switch up the belt speed between zero and twelve miles per hour, as well as elevate it to make the run steeper and more difficult. And with plenty of exercise programs, you will always have something to aim for.

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Main features

So, what can this bring to your training regime? Browse through some of the main features and specifications below to find out more.

  • The belt is propelled consistently on a 3.5 CHP motor that will allow users to pick a variety of speeds from light walking through to jogging. To give you an idea of the speed range, it can change between zero and twelve miles per hour.
  • The tread belt itself gives you plenty of space too with measurements of twenty inches by sixty inches for the running surface, ensuring you don’t feel to enclosed.
  • Handrails are included on either side both for support, safety, and to allow people to quickly switch the speed and intensity with built in buttons.
  • It’s equipped with a computer console featuring twenty six workout programs. All of which can be tracked and monitored on the computer display at the front.  Not only that, but it will provide feedback about other aspects of your run such as speed, distance and time. All the data can be used to good effect when it comes to understanding where you’ve improved, and where you’re falling short.
  • The belt has an impact absorbing cushioning which takes a lot of the stress off muscles and joints in the legs. It’s known as Rebound technology and also helps with your kick.
  • With a 350 pounds user weight capacity as recommended by the manufacturer, you can see that it’s built to handle the day to day rigorous workouts thrown at it.
  • If you live in a home with space limitations, you will appreciate it’s soft drop folding system that saves plenty of room.


The Nautilus T618 may not be the ideal match for someone wanting something cheap. For that you may want to check out our other treadmill reviews. However, if you have a larger than average budget and are more focused on quality and capabilities, then it could be a suitable investment. There are numerous speeds to work with to allow you to jog at your own pace, plus several exercise programs and tracking features to keep you motivated.

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