Nautilus U614 Review

The Nautilus U614 upright stationary bike is relatively new to the industry and equipped with a fantastic set of features that will help you get the most from your training.

Smart design attributes, combined with first class technological functions are everything one needs in a cardio trainer that’s suitable for home gym use.

When we research deeper into consumer and expert opinions, we uncover many, many positive ratings that can only describe the bike as high quality. If you’re after specifics, the general positives talk about the sturdiness of the framework, and the amount of ways you can exercise, from low intensities to high.

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  • Reasonably compact measuring 41 x 22 x 58 (L x W x H). This is fitting for a home gym simply because of the constrained choice of space available to many. Because it’s compact, it’s also not too difficult to move around the house, weighing just over 68 pounds.
  • Riders will have a great selection of choice in the intensity they wish to ride at, with 20 different resistance levels. Each will make the pedals feel slightly heavier than the previous, which is ideal for both beginners and intermediate cyclists to work their way through, and hit their weight loss goals. This is not quite equal to the Schwinn 170, which has 25 levels, but superior to the Stamina 5325 bike, which come equipped with just 8. However, you should remember that is a cheap option.
  • 22 exercise programs form the base layer of technology that do a fantastic job in keeping your training exciting and interesting. Some people find exercise to be a bit of a chore, so anyway to eliminate this thought process is a good thing.
  • Manufactured by a well respected brand name in Nautilus who also make Schwinn and BowFlex exercise equipment. You only need to look at their older upright bikes to see the positive effects they have had on cyclists workout regime and fitness.
  • Customers have commented on the ease of assembly and the amount of time saved when installing it.


Despite their being a clearly defined amount of positive feedback from consumers, their are also a couple of areas where people believed it came up short.

  • One person commented on an annoying clicking sound that developed after some months of use. This is quite typical of upright exercise bikes and something that comes as part of the package due to the wear and tear of everyday cycling taking it’s toll on the working parts.
  • Doesn’t quite match the u616 in terms of amount of resistance. That being said, it holds its own in this price band.
  • Another user disliked how narrow the peddles were. Saying it was difficult at times to fit their feet in. This is not a recurring comment however.


Design wise, the u614 has some outstanding qualities. The 300 pound weight capacity suggested is a early sign of strength of the material and frame and certainly hints at good durability.

While it does lack an over sized peddle or saddle design, it does make up for that with plenty of features that make the bike far more stable than much of the competition. Two levelers at the front and back combined with crossbar tubing built to strengthen the whole frame, give it the structural qualities required for everyday cycling.

If comfort is something you are concerned about, there are several adjustable features including the handlebars. The angle can be altered to a position that you feel most comfortable with, plus a padded and contoured seat ensure you feel at ease in long endurance rides. Should you wish to, you can also change the saddle.

If you found yourself in a position where you were moving and lifting your previously owned gym equipment around the house, you will be pleased to see the inclusion of transportation wheels to roll it around the home.

Exercise features

When defining the training qualities of a upright style bike, we always look at three main things, one is the levels of resistance. Secondly, the differing amounts of workout applications included. And thirdly console options which we cover in more depth below.

Perhaps one of the bigger selling points for the u614 is the amount of difficulty and resistance levels on offer. This model has twenty, which for the price point is good value for money and certainly gives riders from all fitness backgrounds a chance to progress towards their goals. This is the same amount offered by the Schwinn 130, which has one praise from buyers.

The other selling point is the depth of training application built in. Twenty two in total gives users the choice on how exactly they workout. Some of these will be fitness tests, others will look at keeping track of your heart rate. Whichever you use, there is enough here to keep you motivated throughout.

Console and data tracking

There is not a lot that separates the market leading exercise bikes when it comes to their computer consoles. Generally speaking, many track key performance areas such as distance, time, speed, heart rate, and several others. This bike is not an exception to this and goes one step further with the built in options associated with Nautilus connect. This is a system that helps manage, export and track fitness goals.

Furthermore, clear and concise text and number readings make navigation simple and user friendly.

What are consumers saying?

After looking at several online shops and stores, as well as popular bloggers, it’s quite clear to us that it’s a reliable, well built stationary bike that combines great console technology with a huge amount of choice in how you workout. Most reviews and feedback are positive, and highlight the many benefits.


Our opinion of the Nautilus U614 is that the design is solid, it deservedly receives praise regarding it’s exercise functionality, and despite all this, it’s surprisingly cheap. We believe this could be an excellent option for your home gym and cardio training.

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