Nautilus u616 review

True to tradition, Nautilus have put together a fantastic upright exercise bike in the u616. Anyone who has experienced training on their cardio machines in the past will already know about the sturdy structures, reliability and wealth of training programs included.

This one in particular has built up quite a rapport with home gym enthusiasts thanks to its simple yet effective design combined with easy to read text on the computer display.

This is a medium tier bike with a lot going for it. Positive reviews and ratings speak for themselves around the web.

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Training features

The u616 exercise bike provides twenty nine workout programs set this cardio machine up there with some of the industry leaders, and quite a few more than the Schwinn 130. The amount of training variation and customization you can do with these is fantastic. If there is one thing for certain, keeping your muscles guessing is highly important for building them, and this will help greatly in achieving that.

Of these twenty nine programs, two are custom, two are based around testing the rider’s fitness and several others focus on user profiles and pulse. Each of these will have their advantages, and many will offer a excellent workout alternative to just peddling away with no apparent goal in mind.

Nautilus is also well known for installing good amount of resistance on their upright bikes. That includes the Nautilus u616 as well. This model has twenty five differing levels of difficulty to work your way through gradually as your fitness and stamina improves. This definitely is a huge jump up from the eight offered by the Stamina 5325. However, it’s important to remember, that model is a very low budget option.

Tracking performance

It would be highly unusual if a modern piece of cardio equipment didn’t come with some form of tracking. This model has a very detailed list of statistics that will be tracked. Using this data can tell cyclists a lot about their performance and even if they need to pick up the pace to meet their targets.

Key information that can be noted down includes speed, time taken, distance peddled, and several other key pieces of data that help you plan your training from the get go.


Plenty of handy design features add to the convenience and comfort of riding on the u616. Several of these features are centred on user comfort.

The first such feature is the adjustable handlebars that can be moved fore and aft. The same adjustment rules can be applied to the seat to ensure you are seated where you feel comfortable.

The peddles are also deliberately oversized to give enough space for the different foot sizes and positions. The same applies for the saddle itself. This certainly is an extra that doesn’t come with the Nautilus u614.

Frame stabilizers will keep the bike sturdy and feeling solid throughout your cardio session, and are a key reason, along with the frame, for the 300 pound weight limit recommendation of the manufacturer. It’s certainly above the industry average and paints a clear picture of the overall strength and durability on offer which is always a plus point in a medium tier upright model.

Other design features add to the usability such as the transportation wheels, the cooling fan, water bottle holder and speakers.

What are consumers saying?

Looking at customer feedback and reviews around the web, there seems to be a clear pattern. Several comments were found that noted the machines quiet operation, and training features. Another wrote about the ease of assembling it which is not always common. One user did however say that he felt the intervals lasted too long.

The bottom line

A bright blue monitor that display all the statistics you’ll ever need combined with a excellent set of features make the Nautilus u616 upright bike an exceptional option for people on a lower to medium budget. This is the kind of model that is perfect for home gyms thanks to their versatile nature, customizable profiles, and ease of set up.

Check here for customer reviews and discounts