Nautilus U618 review

The U618 exercise bike could be a sensible way to squeeze your cardio session into a busy work week. Training at home has many benefits, not least of all cutting out travel expenses and the need for gym membership.

The bike itself offers a variety of challenges for the rider including 29 workout programs, 25 resistance levels, and numerous ways to in which you can track your progress.

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Main features

When we research into what the top rated upright bikes have to offer consumers, there are several things we look for in our criteria. Many of which are covered in the buying guide through the link above. But as a quick refresh, we analyze the training functionality. Namely, tension and exercise applications. We also look at the construction quality and budget range. We will what this particular model includes below.

First up is the number of exercise programs. In total, this machine provides twenty nine, which is plenty to keep riders busy. Within these apps, you’re going to be presented with a number of training challenges to work through such as interval, and weight management.

Then you have twenty five separate levels of resistance which will ensure people working out at different levels can appreciate numerous intensities. Both beginner and advanced riders can benefit from this variety.

A weight limit of three hundred and twenty five pounds highlights the strength in its construction and design.

You can position your hands into various grip positions thanks to the multi position handle bars. Not everyone favors a racing grip, and some people will be more comfortable having the choice to switch it up when there arm muscles begin to ache.

You also get a control panel and console that will store all the handy data about your training in one place for tracking purposes. Users can keep an eye on some useful statistics like speed, time, distance and much more. Couple that with the user friendly navigation menus that give people full control over their workouts from one convenient location.

The seat can be positioned to fore and aft, and is made of a gel material for comfort on those longer riding sessions.


Overall, we feel that the Nautilus u618 could make a smart choice for those wanting to burn off calories from the comfort of their own home. The variety in difficulty levels and workout programs will help make the training more interesting, which combined with the ability to track all your exercise data through the console, can make for a fun cardio experience.

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