NordicTrack GX 4.7 review

The GX 4.7 recumbent bike is in many ways different to your traditional cardio equipment. The design is based around ease of accessibility and added joint and lumbar support to make your workouts much more enjoyable.

Everything based in the specs that focuses on exercise can be controlled from the console at the front of the bike with simple, user friendly navigation.

This could be a excellent choice for those of you who are considering working out at home.

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As with any device for exercise, you will find good points and bad points. We aim to discuss both of these things in depth below. We generally follow our guidelines and what to look for guide to help us understand how a recumbent stationary bike holds up against its major competitors in the industry.

  • Designed and manufactured by a highly respected brand in NordicTrack. Perhaps better known for their treadmills, there is still a lot of respect given by those familiar with the fitness equipment market, and there is good reason for that. Previous models have received praise and that tends to have a knock on effect by improving or tweaking new ones.
  • As mentioned previously, the style and design of these bikes means plenty of support for the riders back and joints since it takes a whole lot of the users body weight out of the equation. Meaning it’s a great choice for those looking to recover from injuries, as well as the general population trying to get in shape.
  • The seating itself is padded and will ensure everyone feels as comfortable as possible whilst training.
  • The gx 4.7 has a great console included that will enable the consumer to control everything he needs ranging from the resistance level chosen, through to turning the fan on. Think of it like a control panel that has power over the main features and functions of this bike. And what’s more, many of you will appreciate quick start buttons to get going sooner. Great if you have limited time to squeeze your workouts in.
  • You won’t need to vacate the seat to grab a glass of water mid way through your cycle thanks to a very handy water bottle holder.
  • Share your riding data with your pals on social media using the built in tablet holder. This is a fun, effective way to stay motivated.


  • While there is certainly value for money found here, we can’t help but wonder if beginners may benefit from a lower budget exercise bike before splashing more on this model.


We feel the NordicTrack GX 4.7 strengths by far outweigh the weaknesses. The design is modern and takes into consideration back support which is not something every type of cardio machine caters for. Be sure to keep an eye on this one as you conduct your research.