NordicTrack T 6.5 S review

The T 6.5 S treadmill from NordicTrack falls into our mid range category with a decent 2.6 CHp drive system, plenty of exercise applications, and the ability to add a hill or incline to your workout.

For those of you not looking to break the bank when shopping for new cardio equipment, this could be ideal with a reasonable amount of space on the running belt, and technology inclusions to help you strive towards hitting your fitness targets.

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Looking at the machine as a whole, there are plenty of ways in which it could benefit people looking to train at home. Lets take a look at some of these below.

  • Running on a treadmill can sometimes cause aches and pains in the long term. due to the impact that the body takes on board. Thankfully, running technology has improved quite a lot in recent years and there has been design features built in to the system to overcome this common problem. Impact absorbing cushioning underneath the belt and decking will lessen the impact on your joints and muscles and help your workouts become as pain free and comfortable as possible.
  • A 2.6 CHP motor may not provide the power of the Schwinn 830 or the Sole F85, but it will provide the performance levels required for lighter use such as jogging and walking.
  • Like many running enthusiasts, we like to have space to stretch out our strides. No one wants to feel like they need to constantly keep an eye on how far away from the edge of the belt they are. No such problems here, with the tread belt measuring 22 inches by 55 inches.
  • You can choose to challenge yourself further by increasing the incline on which you walk or jog. This can be set between zero and ten percent and will give you an increasingly difficult challenge to progress in your training.
  • Reasonably large five inch display at the front will let the user know all the training information in one useful place. The screen itself is back lit and easy to read.
  • Compatible with iFit which can make exercise more exciting through the use of customized workout programs, virtual routes, and performance tracking.


  • While there is still a reasonable amount of exercise apps built in (twenty), we can’t help but feel this falls short of some more prominent models in the industry such as the Elite T7 from Horizon fitness.


When shopping for a new piece of cardio equipment, consumers are usually looking to find the correct balance between the amount of features provided and how much it costs. We believe there is far more to consider which we have outlines above.

Hopefully, our detailed analysis of the NordicTrack T 6.5 S will provide a little insight into what its main capabilities are and how it can be helpful and beneficial to you.