ProForm 12.0 NE review

ProForm are known for producing top quality fitness equipment over the years, and have a great reputation by doing so. It should come as no surprise then, that the 12.0 NE elliptical machine offers a fantastic range of workout options that will help you tone up and burn off plenty of calories.

It leaves a good first impressions after researching its specs, with a nice amount of choice in resistance, along with several console functions that will make your training enjoyable and challenging.

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  • Up to date design that has holders for modern technology including a tablet holder and audio ports for iPods.
  • Includes cushioned peddles which amplify the already lower impact effect ellipticals provide.
  • Operates on magnetic style resistance and provides a thirty two pound flywheel which enables it to run smoothly and silently.
  • Clearly a strong design with a three hundred and fifty pound weight capacity alongside what’s described as a commercial grade, steel frame that offers strength in the center and levelers which distribute user weight evenly.
  • Should you find your arms getting tired whilst working out, there is the option to position them differently, utilizing different grips, which can significantly reduce the amount of stress and strain on them.


  • In terms of how expensive this is, it’s certainly on the mid to higher end of the scale. However, this could be money well spent if you want a long lasting cardio machine from a highly respected fitness brand in ProForm.
  • Because it’s a newer model, there is not a huge amount of consumer feedback and reports to work with. We often use these to weed out recurring problems with gym equipment.


The frame itself is commercial grade steel, with two levelers strategically placed at either end of the machine. The peddles slide on a rail in conjunction with the thirty pound flywheel located at the front to give a smooth and fluid motion to the user.

The 12.0 NE also features well cushioned peddles which take the brunt of any impact on your knees, ankles and muscles. The knock on effect of this is reduced chances of picking up a niggling injury. The foot area has plenty of excess space to ensure people with different foot sizes can fit comfortably.

A 350 pound weight capacity suggests this machine can handle the wear and tear from everyday use, and that it’s built to be durable. We recommend that you weigh twenty five pounds under the limit for improved performance, but that is not a necessity as you often hear reports from consumers who train on exercise equipment above the capacity with no issues.

Arguably one of the more favorable settings listed its specifications is its ability to change the stride length and positions. This is essential for those of you who have multiple people in a household with differing leg lengths. A fantastic feature that caters for varying heights.

It’s also equipped with a excellent warranty policy, with lifetime protection on the frame, five years on parts, and two years on labor work. This is a very similar policy to that of the Elite E9 from Horizon Fitness.

Once unpackaged and assembled the dimensions are as follows: 80.3 by 25.7 by 64.4 inches. It’s not a huge footprint and should fit nicely into slightly larger rooms in the household.

Exercise features

Resistance can be controlled digitally from the computer console at the front. There are twenty four differing levels of tension which is slightly less than the 470 from Schwinn fitness, but more than the 520 e from ProForm.

Additionally, people can apply various workout applications to their training regime, which can keep things challenging, whilst building up the intensity and setting yourself goals. There are thirty two separate apps to work through, each focusing on helping different aspects of your health, ranging from heart rate, through to burning off fat. Each are designed by professionally qualified personal trainers, to maximize their effectiveness.

Then there is the peddles and stride length which is adjustable which can go up to twenty inches, which is plenty to stretch your legs out and push yourselves. Not forgetting that it has the ability to digitally adjust the incline to help you focus on different muscle fibers, which all helps towards generating results in the long term.

Console and data tracking

The console is certainly a great selling point with a seven inch, color touchscreen, that reads out all the necessary information about your training and much more including the control panel for navigating through the various exercise programs, resistance levels, and incline settings.


To sum up, we believe the ProForm 12.0 NE cross trainer has a spec list that makes it an ideal option for home gym use. A lot of that comes down to the budget, but if it does fall in your price range, the usability factor, and range of features included, could provide you with tremendous value for money over the years.

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