ProForm 325 CSX review

The 325 CSX recumbent exercise bike has several great performance improving specs that can potentially see you reaching the many different training goals you have, be it shedding a few stone, or simply staying healthy.

There is no shortage in changing up how intensive your ride is through multiple tension options as well as a great selection of training applications to keep things fresh and exciting.

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Covering the essentials of buying a new recumbent bike, our in depth guide will walk you through step by step the reasons a machine may excel or flop. This has quite a wide criteria, so it may be best to read that through the link above before reading this review. However, we have compiled a lengthy lists of positives and negatives to help you decide on whether this trainer will be good enough to help you achieve your goals.

  • Whichever way you look at it, the training options included on a bike should be of a high importance. You want something that gives you choice and plenty of tension levels to work with, especially if you live in a household where more than one person will be using it to work out on. The 325 CSX provides just that with twenty differing digital resistance levels and twenty two training applications that will help you focus on individual aspects of your cardio.
  • The 300 pound recommendation on the user weight capacity from the manufacturer is similar to some great bikes from the competition like this one here and here. Whilst not entirely reliable on deciding the overall durability in the structure, it’s a early sign of quality in its frame that a brand would offer such a high capacity.
  • Plug in and play your iPod tunes with ports available at the front. A little bit of pump up music never goes to waste!
  • A well padded seat will help riders feel at ease and comfortable even in the longer exercise sessions. Includes a back rest too to support the back, which isn’t something you find on traditional stationary cardio trainers.


  • A lack of reviews on several online shops is one of our concerns. This should not be taken as a poor quality machine, but perhaps one where you should conduct thorough research before you make any purchase. However, with a solid bran name in ProForm behind it, and going by several of their previous products, you can expect a certain degree of quality just going by their experience and authority in this industry.


We believe the ProForm 325 CSX could be an excellent addition to many of your fitness equipment collections. The key ingredients to a solid cardio workout are all included such as choice in tension, applications, a good design, and some really cool console features. All of this goes a long way, and when used right could aid you in making some serious improvements in your fitness levels.