ProForm 440 ES review

The 440 ES recumbent bike stands out for several reasons. The first being that it has a large console that displays all key information in easy to read font. All too often you see bikes come with small consoles, and with that comes impaired visibility.

Secondly, the training features are first class with a huge selection of workout applications, and a nice variety in resistance for the price.

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The standard recumbent exercise bike design offers plenty more support and comfort to the lumbar region. This is something that is often overlooked by consumers who are looking to purchase cardio trainers. With good back support, also comes reduced chances of injury, which is always a plus point.

Combine the style of the bike with comfortable, padded seating, and you have a great formula to cycle for long periods of time relatively stress free. All too often you find models that have plastic seating, or no form on contouring, so this is a great addition.

When we look at the frame, there is clearly a solid structure built with good materials and designed in such a way to increase stability with the levelers at either end. You only have to look at the weight capacity recommended by ProForm to see the strength of the product. Currently this stands at a impressive 350 pounds, which tends to be above the average home gym cardio trainers.

Exercise features

The first things we look at when gaining an understanding of how effective a bikes training features are, is its resistance variety and workout apps. Neither of which should be the be all end all in your decision making process, however, they should certainly play a big role in it.

Like many before it, the 440 ES shines in this department with a huge range of exercise programs and a great amount of digital resistance built in. To tally up both, this model comes with an outstanding thirty two apps to work with, and a highly impressive twenty five levels of tension to train through. If anything, most riders will be kept busy with this alone.

What are consumers saying?

There isn’t currently a huge amount of consumer feedback on the web. From what we did find, customers tend to have left positive reviews. Alternatively, looking around popular fitness blogs on the web, it’s highly rated, and in some cases recommended as a great option for training in the comfort of your own home.


The ProForm 440 ES is a excellent bike for those of you with a lower to medium budget. Whilst it doesn’t quit pack the punch found in commercial options, it’s a fantastic model for fitting in your cardio around busy schedules, and it’s very simple to use and set up.