ProForm 6.0 ES review

There is plenty of positive buzz surrounding the ProForm 6.0 ES. For this reason, we have conducted detailed research into its specifications and features. We want to come to an understanding of the bikes quality and value to the consumer.

There is without a doubt, a exceptional range of training options built into the design as well as a strong frame which is built to hold heavier users of up to 300 pounds

We have analyzed several online shops, and fitness blogs and their is a very positive opinion held, and one that comes as no surprise if previous models are anything to go by.

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  • As is often the case with ProForm recumbent exercise bikes, it provides a solid, and strong platform for working up a sweat and burning off fat. A max user weight capacity of 300 pounds which matches that of the 510sr from Diamondback Fitness. Plus smart design features such as levelers accomplish this.
  • Ports are available and compatible for using your iPod to blast out your music whilst cycling.
  • Twenty levels of resistance will enable users to progressively train their legs and stamina as they move through the differing tension levels.
  • Twenty two exercise programs that cover a wide range of exercise purposes from helping track your pulse rate through to hitting goals.
  • Step through design makes it easy to get on the bike, which coupled with the padded seating, give a very comfortable platform to conduct your cardio training.
  • A good amount of reviews can be found around the web. It’s quite clear the majority of these are more positive than negative, which is always a good sign.
  • Relatively inexpensive. This is in the lower to mid tier price range, and with so many functions available, good value for money is quite clear.
  • Provides excellent support for the back, which is not something that can be said about upright bikes and treadmills. Certainly a good choice for those riders who tend to have recurring injuries in that area.


  • Some of you may not be happy with the limitations on adjusting the back of the seat. After a long ride, sitting in a awkward position can take it’s toll on the body and cause unnecessary stress and strain.
  • Other people complained of bent framework and broken parts in the packaging. It should be noted that this is usually a delivery based problem, and not a problem with the bike itself.


Measuring at roughly 11 by 52 by 24″, it’s not going to be too bulky, and will fit in most home gyms without taking up too much space. Many people are often looking to add additional workout equipment such as weights, so conserving space should be a priority.

Unsurprisingly, the ProForm 6.0 ES has a good structure that combines levelers and a solid frame to keep your workouts feeling sturdy and stable regardless of how intensively you are peddling. Some exercise bikes have the problem of sway. This design cancels as much of that out as possible.

Further backing up the quality and solid structure is the recommended three hundred pound user weight capacity. Which, in most cases will be enough for the wide majority of riders. This is quite similar to the Nautilus R614 user weight capacity.

It runs on a fourteen pound, inertia enhanced flywheel that will give cyclists the smooth feeling whilst peddling. The smoother the ride, the quieter the operation. So with this type of flywheel, noise levels are going to be at a minimum.

The peddles are ergonomically designed with attention paid to how users cycle. Each has a toe strap to stop your feet from falling off mid workout, a nice little safety inclusion that will prevent injuries from happening.

Exercise features

So, what should you expect from the 6.0 ES in terms of training capabilities? We have looked at some of the top rated recumbent bikes and compared them. In doing so we found several reasons it stands out from the competition in the price tier.

The primary reason is the amount of choice given to the user in how they conduct their workout. While it’s not quit offering the same amount of resistance as the Schwinn 270, it does come quite close with twenty separate digital levels of magnetic resistance. It’s quite a bit cheaper though, so choosing the best out of those two comes down to user preference and what your current budget is.

Also included are twenty two exercise programs that will push you and motivate you in making the most out of your fitness potential. Sometimes you need something in place to help you focus, and these applications do just that.

Console and data tracking

The 6.0 ES console has a port for your iPod and mp3 devices, should you wish to train with your music playing. It’s iFit compatible too which will allow people to ride virtual routes and share them online through social apps.

There are also numerous ways in which to keep track of your training and if you have been progressing as fast as you may of liked. Data will be displayed on the monitor regarding pulse rate information from the grips, and speed, distance information from the peddles. Then you also have other handy information such as time taken.

Control of a workout fan and all the resistance levels all go through the surrounding buttons that are very easy to navigate.

What are consumers saying?

While the feedback may not be on the same level as some of the upper tier recumbent bikes, it’s important to remember this is a inexpensive option for home gym users.

Happy consumers have left comments regarding how easy it was to put together as well as the quietness.

negative comments talk about problems with setting the resistance as well as the limitations with adjusting the seat.


With everything taken into account, we can conclude that the ProForm 6.0 ES is far from a low quality bike. We would prefer to describe it as a solid option that gets the job done and provides good value for money. The benefits certainly outweigh the drawbacks in our opinion, and we believe it’s worth checking out.

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