ProForm 650 LE review

Looking for a mid range elliptical that offers some terrific functionality to the end user? Then the 650 LE may be an excellent choice with a modern design packed with some great workout options. Namely sixteen tension levels to work through, and some advanced training programs to keep you on your toes.

It’s also a decent option for home use in its price range with a eighteen inch stride length and built in grip sensors for your pulse.

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We cover the stand out points below, and also search through consumer feedback to highlight any issues found in ellipticals that may be a problem for some. Find out more in our list of positives and negatives below.


You can quickly change up the resistance through the console. No need to do it manually. Users get a choice between one and sixteen levels, which provide a great amount of variety in how difficult the striding motion becomes.

The eighteen inch stride length is pretty standard for this industry, and something that shouldn’t be overlooked. For casual, and intermediate users, this should be plenty. But there are also several options available to you that offer a little bit more such as the twenty inches on the AFG 3.3AE, and Evolve 5.

Users will also find a nice and large console area attached to the 650 LE, or what I see as control panel. This area will allow you to navigate through each and every training option available to you. The menu is self explanatory, and the LCD window will show important results required to understand the information from your latest cardio session.

You will also find two buttons either side of the screen that allow you to navigate and choose between eight weight loss programs, and eight performance programs. Little differences and inclusions like this can make the difference between a fun and boring workout.

What’s more, you can easily take your pulse reading through grip sensors. This info is then displayed on the window mentioned previously.

Five years warranty on the frame, ninety days on labor and parts. There are better warranties out there, but for this price range, it’s good coverage.


A 250 pound user weight recommendation doesn’t suggest the frame is particularly strong and stable enough for heavy users. However, if you are around 210 pounds and below, you should be fine. We normally recommend weighing fifty pounds less than the recommended limit for performance and product longevity.

Not a lot of feedback found as of yet from consumers, The downside of that is you can’t dig out all the flaws through reading feedback. These can be extremely valuable tip offs from people with first hand experience.


Overall, we feel the ProForm 650 LE has all the capabilities of being your cardio trainer at home. All the basic training needs are catered for with a good amount of tension, and a computer to keep tabs on performance and help you decide if you need to pick up the pace. A good investment if you’re working with a medium budget.