ProForm 8.0 EX Review

Understanding the specifications of the ProForm 8.0 EX should be the first thing you do before you make comparisons with other exercise bikes or cardio trainers.

For those of you who dislike reading long blocks of text, here is the run down of features on offer.

A upright bike with a good amount of choice in where and how you position your seat to feel comfortable, as well as several training features that will undeniably increase your workout performance such as twenty five levels of digital resistance and iFit technology that can help users push towards their goals.

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  • Has a great design that shares similarities with some of the most popular models on the market.
  • Resistance noise levels are almost silent and purpose built for home use.
  • Keep track of your heart rate with EKG grip pulse on the handles. Feedback shown on the five inch display at the front of the bike.
  • Work through twenty five varying levels of resistance that can be changed digitally. These figures are quite a different  to those presented by the Stamina 5325, and slightly bigger than those offered by the Schwinn 130.
  • A big seat that has extra padding for comfort, plus it can be re-positioned to meet your leg and arm length requirements.
  • Thirty workout programs included designed to keep users entertained and focused.
  • Foot peddles are equipped with straps to ensure the rider is secure at all times and prevent unnecessary injuries.
  • Sturdy framework that holds an impressive user weight of up to three hundred pounds.


  • Quite a light flywheel.
  • Not rated much around the web yet.


ProForm have a history of designing highly rated exercise bikes, and the 8.0 EX looks set to be put among some of their more popular designs. It has got a slightly more modern feel than its predecessors, and will look great in any home gym.

Many complaints consumers find in exercise bikes, is a lack of comfort. However, with the 8.0 EX, there is plenty of options to increase overall comfort including seat re positioning and padding.

A sixteen pound flywheel, although lighter than some, will do a great job in keeping the peddling motion feeling smooth and consistent.

Exercise features

In addition to the many positive design features, there is plenty of great training functionality built into the system to keep riders focused. One in particular that stands out is the workout applications. With thirty in total, riders are not going to be short of cardio ideas.

There is also the essential variety in resistance too, with twenty five differing levels of tension available. All of which can be changed digitally with the press of a button.

Console and data tracking

Keep an eye on your pulse through the computer display using the EKG grips on the handle. A extremely handy feature that can give users an indication of both resting and active heart rate changes as their training progresses.

The 8.0 EX also has plenty of controls available which make light work of switching between all the various apps and resistance levels. The whole system is user friendly and perhaps most important, user friendly.

What are consumers saying about it?

A fairly new model, that doesn’t have much in terms of feedback from consumers around the web yet. But going by previous models and its current specification list, it’s quite likely that this is going to be a popular option.

We will update this as more reviews come in.


The ProForm 8.0 EX Offers a solid build that holds heavier users of up to three hundred pounds. In addition to this, riders will also be able to enjoy the vast choice in pedal tension difficulty, which can often be limited at this price. However, this particular model exceeds our expectations, and we would certainly recommend it for use in a home gym environment.