ProForm Endurance 520 E Review

The Endurance 520 E is a great example of an elliptical trainer that gives people the choice of adjusting the stride length to ensure workouts are tailored to their preferences. That means both taller, and short people will find a setting comfortable for them.

This is not a feature associated with every model, and there are plenty out there that come with fixed measurements.

There is also a great level of choice in workout programs alongside eighteen levels of resistance, which have won praise from consumers.

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  • No shortage of training functionality, with a nice mix of training programs and tension levels. It comes with eighteen of each, all built to push and challenge you in your workouts.
  • The stride length can be changed to meet the needs of most users. At maximum length it measures twenty inches. The choice here allows a wider audience to get the most from this elliptical machine.
  • Much akin to the Schwinn 470, it includes a clearly durable structure and frame with a 300 pounds weight limit. Whilst not quite up to par with commercial models, you will find it outshines many home gym options in the industry.
  • A well known brand that build exercise equipment in a wide range of variations including treadmills and bikes. High user ratings for the 520 E are something that’s in line with ProForm’s reputation.
  • It has a medium tier price tag with upper tier features. The potential of saving money is quite high.
  • Users can workout on a incline of up to twenty degrees, bringing a nice amount of intensity into the mix.
  • Compatible with iFit, which can bring a whole new dimension to your training with making use of routes through Google maps, and sharing achievements with friends.
  • Brings your upper body muscle groups into the workout with moving arms.


  • From most reviews we have found online, there was one small complaint that was related to it being noisier than their previous model, which he blamed on the fact that the arms needed more grease.
  • Not a great option for those of you on a low budget.


The Endurance 520 E has a rather typical, but effective design that is modernistic, and built to stand the day to day stress it will come under from multiple people exercising on it.

The peddles are deliberately over sized to offer people enough space to position their feet into an area they feel most comfortable at. Another side to this is the fact that it will cater for the wide majority of foot sizes.

Includes smart levelers that can be adjusted to ensure you can train on slightly uneven surfaces, as well as keeping it secure, sturdy and stable. When you combine this with the fact it handles people of weights up to 300 pounds, you can begin to get a sense of the quality of the framework and structure. This is not unusual for ProForm, who continuously seem to strive to improve the strength of their products.

The overall footprint is 67.1 by 25 by 66.6″ when assembled. You will find some of the best ellipticals for home use come with very similar dimensions. This is because manufacturers design it so that it doesn’t consume too much space. They understand that many of their target audience, aren’t going to have specific rooms dedicated to working out. Whats more attached transport wheels make it a mobile option that can be rolled into storage without too much heavy lifting.

Exercise features

There is undeniably a excellent range of training options made available. It’s clear that ProForm have made an elliptical machine capable of helping people reach their fitness potential regardless of age, or gender.

The amount of applications or training programs as some will know them as, totals at eighteen, while giving users a great deal of choice in how they exercise, and what they should be focusing on. These will no doubt serve as an excellent motivator for many.

It’s also equipped with eighteen different levels of digital resistance, which is quite similar to the 1260ef from Diamondback Fitness. Perhaps beginners will find the upper tier tension, slightly too difficult for them, but that’s the beauty of progressive, gradual training. You can start from the bottom and work your way through each level of resistance, until you feel comfortable taking on the hardest level.

Twenty settings for incline, bring further challenges to the user, that will certainly help target different muscle fibers as you stride along.

Console and data tracking

The console is not much different to some of the top rated elliptical trainers in this price tier, with handy options to monitor statistics and information about the distance covered, speed travelled at, and how long you took.

The pulse handles at the front will also read your heart rate which will pop up on the screen for analysis. All pretty standard here, with easy navigation and some neat little touches such as iFit compatibility, which can make your workouts a little more exciting and fun.


A quick overview of the trainer in video format.

What are consumers saying?

So far so good on the consumer ratings front. We have researched several sources and found the majority of reviewers have taken kindly to the amount of features on offer for the price.

Some negative feedback included the amount of time it took them to assemble all the parts. Which can be expected with elliptical’s as they can sometimes be quite tricky.


Factoring into account everythig from it’s adjustable stride length, through to the variety in resistance and training app’s, we believe the ProForm Endurance 520 E is one of the best mid tier budget choices available. However, don’t take our word for it, check out the opinions of consumers on the link below.

Click here to read customer reviews and check for discounts