ProForm Endurance 720 E review

With so much competition on the elliptical machine market, its hard to stand out from the masses of products available to us. The 720 E does just that, with a fine selection of fun training features combined with a excellent design that will make cardio convenient and hassle free.

Operating on a front drive system, and a sturdy frame, there has been plenty of appreciation shown from consumers and experts alike in reviews and feedback around the web.

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When carrying out the buying process of an elliptical, one of the first things we tend to look at is the type of drive system it uses. Each has their own unique advantages, and although I tend to lean towards front drive machines, there is plenty of good things going for rear drives. However, the 720 e is a front drive, and it comes with an excellent modern design.

Anything it does lack in its design, it makes up for with a stable structure combined with a excellent range of exercise options to help you work up a sweat. In fact, the 325 pounds capacity for users, highlights the stability and sturdiness of the frame, and it’s something we always look out for when researching new products.

Additionally, a twenty inch, power adjustable stride length gives plenty of flexibility and will allow users to really stretch their strides out and push themselves a lot harder than the elliptical trainer around the fifteen inch mark.

Exercise features

What can we say about the exercise functionality built into this cardio trainer? Well to start with, it holds its own against some of the most popular elliptical machines on the market, both in terms or apps and resistance.

Twenty levels of tension that can be easily adjusted digitally should the need arise, plus a fantastic stride length of twenty inches put a little bit more pressure on the lower body, delivering a slightly more intense workout than some of its competitors.

Then a quick look through its console shows us it has twenty four applications built into the system to keep workouts fresh, exciting, and perhaps more importantly, effective.

What are consumers saying?

Having looked around several sources around the web, it’s quite easy to come to the conclusion that most reviews and feedback is positive over negative. Take away a few complaints of it being a bit noisy for some consumers liking, you have a quality end product that has some tremendous performance settings that are all designed to enhance your weight loss and fitness results.


Overall, the ProForm 720 E is everything I have come to expect from such a highly experienced exercise equipment brand. It’s packed full of all the specifications needed to get a excellent full body cardio workout at home. Couple that with the sturdy structure and this could be just the thing you needed to give you the extra push as you work towards a healthier lifestyle.