ProForm Endurance 920 E review

The Endurance 920 E is a front drive elliptical machine that has some great performance functionality built into the console. When we look for a good quality product, we want to ensure there is enough included to challenge the user as well as something that can withstand consistent day to day use in a home gym setting.

Looking through its specification list, we can understand there is plenty of things that meet this criteria.

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We look at lots of different elliptical trainers, and we have a good idea of what presents more bang for your buck and what doesn’t. So listed below, I will detail what exactly is included that can be counted as a benefit or a positive.

  • A decent stride length is quite important. This cardio trainer offers just that with twenty inches, You don’t want something too short, or the strides won’t quite give you the chance to stretch out your legs for extra burn on your muscles. The great thing about this is certainly the fact that you can adjust it to a length of your choosing up to twenty inches. This will enable users of all heights to use it, as well as making it a possibility for home gym use, which will often need machines that can work well with multiple users.
  • A good design that offers strength to take a reasonable amount of weight on board. The 920 e comes with a manufacturer recommendation of 325 pounds capacity, which is slightly above average, and similar to popular fitness equipment like the Schwinn 430.
  • A great touchscreen on the front that is color, and measures seven inches. Keep an eye on the stats that matter to you, like calories, time, distance and so much more. And those of you addicted to sharing positive results on social media, you can do that too.
  • Thirty two training apps are built into the console. If ever you need an extra reason to step up the effort levels, this along with its twenty four resistance levels, and zero to twenty degree ramp adjustments, will ensure that you do.
  • Upper body arms will add more muscle groups into the mix, and ensure people get a true, full body, cardio workout.
  • What’s more, if you like to keep track of data related to your heart, for example pulse, you can simply grip the EKG arms at the front, where the readings will be displayed clearly to you.


  • The main negative we see, is because it offers so many great features, it’s not going to be a cheap option. This is a great elliptical for those of you who don’t mind spending a bit of cash to ensure you get top quality, but there are probably better solutions if you are working to a tight budget, like the Exerpeutic 5000.

What are consumers saying?

Not too much feedback found in our research, but going by its sister products from ProForm, such as the 720 E, you can expect a solid machine that does what you expect from a home cardio machine.


The ProForm Endurance 920 E offers almost everything you need in an elliptical. You have the pick of technology, which allows you to assess your training better through the console, and a well rounded set of features that will ensure you get an excellent workout.