ProForm Power 1495 review

Look no further if you are after a challenging piece of cardio equipment. The ProForm Power 1495 is equipped with smart technology, top class design features and a strong, sturdy base.

This treadmill is better suited for those of you working with a medium to higher budget for your home gym, but at the same time, don’t want it to take up too much space.

A powerful motor and a space saver design make for a winning combination and certainly one that we believe can solve your cardio problems.

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  • A 3.5 continuous horse power motor sets the performance standards high. A consistent reliable flow of speed to the tread belt. While this is an excellent motor, it’s not going to match what the Sole F85 offers, with it’s 4.0 CHP motor.
  • Very compact thanks to it’s folding design. If your home gym is limited for space, this is a fantastic feature that allows you to add other stuff to the room when the treadmill is not in use.
  • It is iFit compatible. This is a excellent feature that allows runners to access Google maps and application to run virtual routes. You also have access to an extensive workout library.
  • Both incline and decline are built into the design. Incline is a bit more common nowadays, but decline tends to be rarer. The incline allows users to hill run at a gradient of up to fifteen percent, while the decline can be set at three percent. And the best part is you don’t have to change this manually like a lot of models on the market. It’s all motorized.
  • 2 ply belt with spacious running surface.
  • Thirty four exercise applications on the console. These are designed by professionals to help you get the most out of your workout.


  • Some complaints regarding the display and console not being well placed.
  • Due to the technology included, it is quite expensive, and only recommended to users with a medium to higher budget.


Designed to offer space while running and save space whilst not running, the 1495 treadmill is modern with some great features.

The easy lift assist track area when folding removes the majority of the legwork from lifting and prevents any unnecessary injuries from occurring. It shares some similarities here with the Nautilus T616, and the convenience offered by such a design can’t be replaced.

The tread belt dimensions are measured at 20 by 60 inches which is a great length for taller runners and people who dislike belts that feel narrow.

It includes ProShox cushioning technology on the decking, that will really take the majority of the impact that hit’s joggers feet and joints. While the effects of this may not be seen over short distances, the overall impact reduced in log distance training will almost certainly be felt.

Two and half inch non-flex rollers are built in to maintain the belt and improve the overall durability. The fact that these are larger than average mean that it tends to operate a lot smoother and quietly.

A large user weight capacity recommendation from ProForm lets the durability factor shine through. The weight recommendation stands at 350 pounds which is pretty impressive for this price range and more than enough for the majority of people looking to add equipment to their home gym.

A workout fan at the front, just beneath the console area allows users to control a cooling blast of air in two different speeds, making your runs bearable regardless of the heat.

Exercise features

As you would expect from a ProForm treadmill, it’s packed with some top class workout features that will ensure you get the blood pumping.

Thirty four training apps built into the console are great for keeping you on your toes and motivation. The fact that they are there and design by professionals just adds to the overall convenience of this model.

Capable of going at speeds between zero and twelve miles per hour thanks to it’s powerful 3.5 CHP motor. Both users who like to walk and run will enjoy everything it has to offer.

Motorized incline at gradients between zero and fifteen percent add a little extra challenge to your workout regime. It targets slightly different muscle fibers and will help prevent muscle memory to allow better progression.

One of the best selling points in our opinion is the decline. It’s an extra way to run that mimics running downhill. Running downhill requires you to utilize different muscles such as your core to stabilize you. A great addition.

What’s more, it’s iFit compatible. Meaning users will be able to access all kinds of routes and exercise programs from it’s extensive library of training options. This is a great way to keep thing fresh and fun.

Console and data tracking

A large color display at the front of the 1495 gets exercise information fed to it in real time. Essentially, you can get every useful piece of information you need about your workouts from this single screen. Such data includes speed, distance, calories and much more.

You will also be able to virtually run your routes using Google maps, which adds to the fun and enjoyment.

Share your results when you are done across all social media platforms like twitter, and challenge your friends to beat your times.


A video offering an insight into the design and technology of a ProForm treadmill.

What are consumers saying about it?

Feedback has certainly been positive upon analyzing several online sources. Common comments in the ratings talk about the great feature list and functionality. Some go on to talk about the amount of value provided.

As with any product, their is a flip side to the positives. Some people complained about a poorly placed display screen and buttons.

When we balance out the good reviews with the bad, the majority seem to fall under the good.


As a medium to upper tier cardio machine, the ProForm Power 1495 impresses in multiple departments. Firstly, the amount of exercise options is fantastic, and up their with some of the very best brands in the market. Secondly, it has a sturdy design that is built to last in the home environment. We see value in this model.

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