ProForm Power 995i review

The Power 995i treadmill provides a decent amount of performance features for home use. The 3.0 CHP motor will ensure runners get a plenty of choice in how quick they run. Users can choose a speed between one and twelve miles per hour.

It’s proving quite a popular cardio machine among consumers too, with plenty of positive feedback found in our research of online stores and blogs.

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We believe there are good and bad points of every piece of fitness equipment we come across. In the points below, we will highlight many of these to give readers a rough idea of whether or not this model is a good match for your cardio needs.


A respectable amount of space on its tread belt will ensure tall people will be able to stretch their striding length out without feeling restricted in their movements. The actual measurements of its belt is twenty by sixty inches. Not the largest by any means, but plenty for the average sized runner.

Comes equipped with ProShox cushioning on its belt. What this does is absorb as much of the impact and take a lot of weight off key running joints reducing chances of injury. Let’s not forget it adds to the comfort factor too, allowing you to feel at ease for longer periods in those long distance jogs.

A 3.0 CHP motor is included, which, as mentioned previously, will ensure people get a good amount of speed on the belt at up to twelve miles per hour. Which is the same sort of speed you can expect from the impressive Sole F85 and the Schwinn 830 treadmill. A decent amount of pace for beginners and intermediate runners to build up their stamina.

The 995i incline settings are built in to add to the difficulty and allow people to switch things up. This can be controlled on the console digitally and set at levels between zero and fifteen degrees depending on how difficult you want to make your workout.

If you have reservations about buying bigger pieces of equipment because of limited space in the household, then this offers a folding design that comes with what’s known as EasyLift assist and will ensure it doesn’t consume too much of the space surrounding it.

The console area comes equipped with a very useful cooling workout fan. In a way, you are in control of the temperature your train at. I find that these types of fans are especially handy on those baking hot days. A gentle breeze blown onto you can make all the difference.

Many of the reviews we have found online have commended its structure quality and its durable nature. Which isn’t too much of a surprise from this brand.


Some say that assembly was difficult and time consuming. Be ready to have patience when first installing your machine.

Another had issues with a broken console display. This type of incident seems isolated, but one should always turn on the display before assembling everything otherwise you may be wasting time.


Compared with several other models on the market, we believe the 995i has its good points where it excels above others, and areas where it could be improved. However, for those of you looking for something in the mid tier category, this will include the many features required to get a great workout session from your own front room.