ProForm ZT8 review

Featuring a 2.75 chp motor that provides a good amount of power to the belt and a great range of training functions, the ProForm ZT8 ticks most boxes when it comes to working out at home.

Switch up your workouts by making use of the incline features, varying speed levels, and exercise application, to ensure you get the fitness results you require.

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Understanding why a machine may benefit you or hold you back should be a leading factor as you research into a good treadmill match for your needs. That’s why we have conducted a little research ourselves into where the zt8 excels, and if it has any flaws. Read on below to find out more.

  • ProShox cushioning effect is designed to absorb as much of the impact your joints and muscles face with each stride. Long distance runs can be punishing on various joints, so a machine having something to limit this is very welcome.
  • The console contains a wide variety of features to improve your overall workout experience. You will find a six inch display which will display all the important readouts relating to your most recent runs, and will include quick start and easy to navigate menus to control how you train.
  • Features twenty two exercise programs that will help improve differing areas of your fitness regime. In some ways, they can be seen as extra targets to hit, or work with which can greatly improve user focus and determination.
  • The 2.75 CHP motor will propel the belt forwards at speeds of up to twelve miles per hour, which is pretty much the standard speed of this price range, but an important function at that. Powerful enough for light workouts and walking.
  • A 325 pound weight capacity ensures strength and sturdiness are provided. We believe for best performance operation, and this is only our opinion, you should weigh fifty pounds less than the stated limit.
  • Some people have trouble finding the space to exercise regularly from home, well lucky for you, this treadmill folds up nice and compact to ensure you use gym space effectively.


  • The motor isn’t the most powerful option currently in the market. And that does present certain limitations on how it performs and the consistency to the belt. However, for your average user, it should be fine. For those who are heavily into running, you may want something with more power like the the Sole Fitness F85 which comes with a hefty 4.0 CHP motor.
  • Not recommended if you’re shopping on a tight budget. For that, we suggest looking at this model from Weslo.


Overall, we believe it’s fair to say the ZT8 treadmill holds its own in the mid range. While there are some drawbacks in its design like the lack of motor power, the functionality and training options included are fantastic with a lot of choice in speed and workout apps. Certainly something worth considering if you want to train in your own home out of the elements.