ProGear 555LXT review

Enjoy your cardio training more by setting workout goals on the 555LXT recumbent exercise bike. Work with the various statistics built into the system regarding speed, distance, and several others to hit target goals and times.

It includes a great spec for the price, among them is the fourteen varying resistance levels that operate magnetically for a much smoother ride.

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So what does this machine offer you in a home gym environment compared to others? We take a look at the specification to provide a checklist of a number of good and bad things found in the design, training features, and console.


The recumbent style design with the chair and easy step through frame will take a lot of weight off users joints and will certainly provide plenty of lumbar support. That is often why this type of bike is often seen as a therapeutic option that goes easy on the body.

Runs on magnetic style resistance. But what does this mean for you? Well this style tension is known to help provide a smoother, more fluid peddling motion. And when something tends to be smoother, you have a reduction in noise which is fantastic news for those of you who don’t live alone, as constant noises from cardio machines can be irritating.

With regards to its resistance above, there are fourteen different levels to work through. This is under some of the most popular models, with many offering upwards of twenty, but at this price point, this is a good amount and plenty for newcomers to the fitness scene.

Set yourself, and track exercise goals by making use of the distance, calories, and time readouts. These will all be displayed on a easily readable screen to the front.

Compared to the competition, this is reasonably cheap. And when you consider the features and functions included, we can see why others have found value in it.


Perhaps its biggest drawback is its lack of technology and applications built in. These types of apps work and serve as a extra way to stay motivated, so with fewer than some of the leading products, you could be missing out. However, it does include the basics and will show you the necessary stat readouts. If you want something with more workout programs, have a look at the Nautilus R614.


The ProGear 555LXT may not include some stand out from the crowd features and training options, but what it does offer is good value for money. You don’t always find as many as fourteen resistance levels at this price which is great news for beginners looking for an entry level option.