Recumbent Bike Reviews

The differing feature lists and price points have made choosing a stationary recumbent bike very difficult indeed. We aim to make your choice easier through gathering consumer feedback and doing extensive research into various models and brands. Take a look below at our comparison chart to find the perfect match for your budget.

Comparison table showing the best recumbent bikes of 2017
Analysis, consumer reports, and ratings

ModelDimensionsWeight CapacityResistanceProgramsPrice
Nautilus R61667 x 28 x 12"300 lbs2529$$
Vision Fitness R2062 x 26 x 54"300 lbs205$$$
Schwinn 27050 x 64 x 27"300 lbs2529$$
Nautilus R61467 x 28 x 12"300 lbs2022$$
Diamondback Fitness 510SR64 x 23 x 50"300 lbs1620$$
Exerpeutic 900XL54 x 22 x 34"300 lbs80$
Schwinn 23064 x 27 x 50"300 lbs2022$$
ProForm 6.0 ES52 x 25 x 51"300 lbs2022$$
Exerpeutic 400058 x 30 x 41"325 lbs2412$$
Schwinn A2050 x 64 x 27"275 lbs87$
Weslo Pro 11.2x60" L x 21" W250 lbsMagneticNA$
ProForm 440 ES52 x 22 x 58"350 lbs2532$$
Weslo pursuit g 3.127 x 15 x 20 "250 lbsMagneticNA$

Our team have taken time to highlight the advantages of each model as well as compare quality and features so that you can shop for the perfect bike to suit your requirements.

We aim to take into account price and budget levels, space availability, accessibility, comfort, design and much more. In fact, this is designed to be the guide needed for people who have never cycled on a recumbent bike.

The main recumbent bike benefits and buying guide

There are plenty of reasons why people choose to go with this style bike rather than their upright alternatives. First of all, there is a decent amount of lumbar support. Upright styles tend to not be equipped with a back section of a seat, more often then not, opting for a simple saddle with limited support. This is certainly one area where they excel.

Another area there designs excel over other fitness equipment is the low impact training they provide. Because the majority of user weight is well supported by the frame, lot’s of stress and strain is taken of the riders arms and legs, lessening the chance of picking up an injury. Over time, this is one of the main reasons why it has become a popular choice for injury rehabilitation and elderly cycling enthusiasts.

They are built out of the box to be easily accessible. There step through frame designs make them very easy to get on and off of. This is not always the case with other cardio equipment.

There are however, as with any piece of workout equipment, several things to take into consideration before you decide to why you want to buy a recumbent bike.

Everone should set themselves a budget. Despite the common assumption, cheaper options does not always mean a lower quality. And the same goes to high priced models, we have come across plenty that don’t provide enough quality. Some examples of well known brands in this industry include:

  • Schwinn
  • Sole

The Sole R72

  • Xterra
  • ProForm
  • Exerpeutic

The Exerpeutic WORKFIT 1000

  • Horizon
  • Nautilus

The Nautilus R618

  • ProGear

The ProGear 555LXT

  • Diamondback
  • Universal

The Universal R20

The good news is, there is a recumbent stationary bike for every budget. The bad news is choosing is very difficult since there is huge variations on comfort options, specs, resistance, and workout programs.

There are plenty of well known brands such as Schwinn, Horizon Fitness and Diamondback. However, there are also plenty of diamonds in the rough to be found if you look hard enough.

You will want to keep an eye on which features of your bike are adjustable, and how easy it is to do so. Moving the seat forwards and backwards is extremely important for ensuring the different leg lengths are catered for, as well as giving the appropriate back support.

There will be several difficulty levels built into each model. You will want something with lots of variety and tension levels ranging from the most easy settings to the very hard. The importance of this is you can switch up your training and keep your workouts fresh. You can even use the various settings to go on a high level of resistance for a few minutes, then switch to a lower level to catch your breath. Rinse and repeat this and you have a excellent set up ready for high intensity interval training.

The best recumbent exercise bikes for the money

In this section we will take a look at several individual bike models for people with a specific budget. We have handpicked what we believe are the top options and hottest picks for the money.

Under 200 dollars
On the lower end of the budget scale, you can’t expect too much in terms of durability and strength. You can however, find a machine that comes with plenty of features and training applications. Our recommendations are listed below.

Exerpeutic 900xl – Smart design, that doesn’t go overboard on the bells and whistles to keep prices low and affordable. Great for home gym use, and easy to assemble.

Click here to read the full review

Under 500 dollars

The exercise bikes that fall under the mid tier category have a bit more competition which makes finding a machine of a particular quality slightly more difficult. That does not mean to say that you can’t filter the bad from the good using research and consumer feedback, because you certainly can.

We believe the Nautilus R614 is one of the top rated on the market for numerous reasons. The modern design, which is well structured  and equipped with plenty of comfort features compliment an excellent range of workout settings. Top that off with great warranty policies and accessories for a fully rounded cardio machine.

Click here to read the full review

The best recumbent bike for seniors

Ideally, senior users will want something that does not put too much stress on joints and is easy to get on and off. Most recumbent bikes for sale are easy to get on and off anyway thanks to the step through design. Listed below is the model we feel may be a good option.

Schwinn 270 – Equipped with a top class designed that clearly focuses on usability and comfort first and foremost. What’s more, you only have to read through the specs included to see why it’s a suitable option for senior citizens, or people recovering from an injury.

The basic, step through frame is convenient and makes thing a lot simpler than your traditional style exercise bikes that require you to lift your leg over the saddle.

Click here to read the full review

The best recumbent bikes for a tall person

We look at some of the most highly rated exercise bikes on the market, to conclude which are better suited for those of you who are taller than your average person. We look at several things as well as list 3 of the best for you to research further.

Recumbent exercise bike vs upright

There are quite a few differences between the recumbent and upright styles. Having said that, there are also plenty of positives to be had from training on either of them, but it will come down to your requirements as well as any specific preferences that need attention, such as injuries or mobility issues.

The recumbent frame tends to be better suited for those who have problems with their back, simply because the seating often supports the spinal area, whereas uprights can often require you to lean forward slightly to reach the handlebars, putting more pressure on the effected area.

Some of our reviewed bikes

The Diamondback Fitness 510Sr

The 510sr Is one of the highest rated exercise bikes on the market. It ensures riders get an excellent burn when training by utilizing a long list of workout features that will have you shedding fat in no time.

A highly adjustable seating arrangement, along with a excellent console will help people achieve the physique they have longed for.

Additionally, it’s reasonably priced, and will suit the majority of users needs as they shop for cardio equipment for their home gyms.

The consumer feedback that we have looked at so far, has only provided us with positive advantages of using this home exercise bike.

The Schwinn A20

While there is no shortage in quality or choice in this brand, Schwinn still manage to surprise me by bringing out a bike with a excellent set of features for a reasonable price.

Overall, you’re looking at seven programs, which at first glance may be a little on the low side, but once you have a look at what else is on offer, you can begin to understand why this is regarded as a good recumbent bike.

Despite the relatively low budget price tag, that hasn’t held it back in terms of popularity. The reviews from people who have purchased it has been very positive on the whole. This is always something you should pay attention to before you make a final decision on whether to buy a machine or not.

The Schwinn 230 

Another hit among fitness enthusiasts. This recumbent exercise bike has plenty to offer someone looking to start their cardio journey.

For starters, it has tremendous variety in training applications, totaling twenty two. These encompass all sorts of exercise activities and will help you better understand what you’re doing and how you’re progressing.

Then moving onto the resistance, there is no shortage there either, with 20 levels in total. This will range from very easy tension through to tough, heavy peddling. Both are needed for beginners and experts alike.

Reviews towards this trainer have also been positive. This is not a surprise considering Schwinn’s reputation in the sport and fitness industry.

The Weslo Pursuit G 3.1

A more basic design that’s perfect for those of you with mobility issues. The ease of getting on and off the bike is important, but something that shoppers can overlook in favor of a recumbent bike with more technology included.

Probably the most outstanding feature of this model is the price. It’s a low cost trainer that, while not being the most advanced, or a top seller, it performs the task asked of it. And that is to help riders get in shape.

This could well be a perfect starter cardio machine for your gym, regardless of whether you are unfit and starting out, or someone who has been exercising for years already.

The AFG 7.3AR

Taking into account what we already know about previous models in the past, along with its competition in the industry, we believe it could be an alternative answer to those of you looking to purchase a solid piece of equipment for a lower price.

Despite it including plenty of things to improve your exercise experience, it’s not priced itself out of the market. With over 20 applications, and 20 differing levels of resistance, it’s not too difficult for us to come to a conclusion that it offers value for money.

However, it’s a fairly recent option that is lacking consumer feedback.

Ironman H-Class 410

Holding its own in the mid price point category is this machine from Ironman fitness.

Overall, it has several of the things we look for when researching for a good recumbent bike, including choice in both resistance and training programs along with a modern design that has plenty of adjustment options for both tall and short people.

However, for those of you not looking to spend a lot of money on new cardio equipment, this may not be the most sensible choice, with options available that offer less in the form of functionality, but a much more affordable price tag.

The Ironman Triathlon X-Class 410

Those of you looking for a bike with plenty of tech to aid you in achieving your ideal physique, may want to research into this machines capabilities as there is certainly plenty of choice in how a rider conducts their cardio training.

Our review covers everything ranging from the tension levels through to what the console does and the design.

We believe this would make a great addition to any gym providing they are willing to spend a fair amount to get their hands on it.

The LifeSpan R3i

So, what makes this bike tick? What are the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing such a cardio trainer?

We look at the inner working of the design in detail to help consumers get an idea of what they are buying before they do.

Initial research will point to a sturdy construction with a 400 pound weight capacity and tons of great exercise options located within the computer console at the front.

There is a definite case for keeping tabs on this one.

The NordicTrack GX 4.7

We would like to bring this recumbent cycle to your attention because we feel looking at several sources and retail shops online, this has slipped under the radar.

Overall this is something that could be the cardio trainer that propels you to your desired weight, or shape. It certainly has the functionality to help you do that built in.

People can often forget about NordicTrack in favor of more popular options like Schwinn or Diamondback. But the fact is, the quality is still high on many of this brands bikes, and this model reflects that.

The Exerpeutic 1000

This is a one of our top picks in the low budget recumbent bikes category.

We have covered in detail key information related to the structure and framework, the peddles, seating, and stabilizers.

We also cover the measurements among other things to help people decide whether this is a good match for their needs.

Click the link above to find out more.

The ProForm 325 CSX

With a well known and respected brand name behind it in ProForm, our expectations are fairly high before we even look into the bike in detail.

However, once browsing through the specs and conducting thorough research, we came across plenty that backs up those first assumptions.

Plenty of tension levels, training programs, and some smart console tracking are just a few of the great things on offer.

Read more about it in the link above.

The Horizon Fitness Elite R7

Featuring a decent flywheel that runs on magnetic brake resistance, this is a recumbent cycle that will offer whisper quiet operation and fluid motion.

Caters for many body types with plenty of room for adjusting the position of the chair away from the peddles.

Our review covers all of this and much more including answering some common questions that you may of had.

The Velocity Exercise Dual Motion

To those of you who are new to fitness, Velocity maybe a relatively unknown brand name. But when you take time to consider how their cardio trainers have performed in the past, there is a pattern of positive feedback for many of them.

Despite being on the lower end of the price spectrum, this product will provide the basics needed to fit a good workout in.

It may not possess the same technology or capabilities as some leading names, but it will do the job asked of it effectively. Find out more about it above.

The final thought

These recumbent bicycles excel in many ways. The designs are often made with accessibility and user comfort in mind first and formost. They are a excellent choice for a home gym because they require very little installation time and offer enough versatility to get the fitness rewards you desire.

We hope that our buying guide at the very least gives you a better idea of what to look for in the event you decide to buy one.