Reebok ZigTech 710 review

Those of you who want a good amount of training options, without needing to spend an over the top price, will want to check out the Reebok ZigTech 710.

Equipped with a range of workout options that are sure to help you get in shape and build endurance. Add to that the great cushioning technology included that highlights the designs focus on runner comfort at all stages of the workout.

After analyzing the ratings and feedback from consumers, it is clear that most buyers have been happy with their purchase.

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  • Comfort focused with ZigTech cushioning built into the decking. This will keep the impact of each stride minimal and help prevent runners picking up injuries.
  • This model is iFit compatible. This is excellent for sharing workout data with friends and families online through various social websites as well as running virtual trails.
  • A good quality 2.75 CHP motor. We always recommend users who are planning to run should aim at getting a machine that is above 2.5 CHP. This meets that requirements with a lot of extra features.
  • Exercise applications are quite common nowadays. But not as often are you spoiled for choice with twenty two in total built in. We look at which below.
  • Good warranty
  • A 12 miles per hour top speed will cater for most running enthusiasts training requirements, be it sport or marathon training. There are quite a few brands that follow suite, with the Nautilus T616, and the Schwinn 830 both offering 12 mph.


  •  Some people may find it a little bit more difficult to assemble than other treadmills.
  • Some users were not happy with the noise levels.


Reebok have put some special comfort considerations into the ZigTech 710’s design. The cushioning built into the decking will offer a little bit of a bounce effect that pads out and reduces a common problem on treadmills which is joint pains on the knees and feet.

The tread belt size is 20 by 58 inches (Width by length.) The width is pretty standard for this price point, but the length is above average and is great for those runners who tend to have long strides.

A recommendation from Reebok say it’s max weight capacity should be 325 pounds which is fantastic, but slightly less than the popular ProForm Power 1495 model. For best performance levels, we always suggest users weigh around 50 pounds under this. So if you weigh 275 pounds or less, this should be fine.

When not in use, it can be folded and stored very easily making it perfect for people who are live in apartments or places where space is premium.

The overall dimensions once assembled will measure at 75 by 34 by 65inches (Length x Width x Height).

Exercise features

The motor has a good level of quality to enhance user experience. The amount of power projected will allow consistent speeds of up to twelve miles per hour, which is the same speed the Elite T9 provides,  all of which can be controlled on the console. (See console and data tracking section.)

Incline levels of up to twelve percent are also available to train with. Hill running tends to hit your calves differently than flat running, let alone the change in intensity.

It comes equipped with twenty two workout apps that offer focus on different fitness areas and are specially designed by qualified fitness professionals such as personal trainers.

Console and data tracking

A six inch display is at the center of the console. This is what should be though of as your control panel where all the information related to workouts and goals are stored.

Keep an eye on your personal bests, by utilizing data such as distance covered, speed you ran at, and time it took. Then challenge your friends and family to beat it with the iFit compatibility. If that isn’t something to motivate you, I don’t know what is.


A short overview of all it offers can be found in the video below.

What are consumers saying about it?

Has some great feedback across the web, where it is quite clear most consumers are happy with their purchase. Users commented on the belt length, and several other training features such as the incline and belt speed being good selling points.

On the negative side of things, we saw some comments saying that it’s quite loud and that they had a difficult time in assembling it.


Overall, we feel that the Reebok ZigTech 710 is offering great value for money. The options included within the design as well as the many different training settings, mean it wouldn’t look too far out of place in a real gym let alone a home user. Let’s not forget the space saving design and cushioning either. Classic convenience and comfort rolled into one package.

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