Schwinn 130 review

The Schwinn 130 is made by a brand widely regarded as one of the best in the upright bike market. But does it live up to the expectations associated with previous gym equipment?

Through thorough investigation and research, we delved deep into it’s functions and specs to understand how it’s designed and where it excels.

One thing is clear, it’s packed with a lot of training options included great variety in resistance and programs. This is unusual at this low price point, and it appears that consumers appreciate this with great ratings found at several online shops.

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  • Cycle enthusiasts will be able to keep their training fresh and challenging with a vast amount of choice in how you train. There is twenty two different exercise applications that will keep you on the fast track in meeting your workout goals. Staying focused can be difficult at times, so this will be a welcome addition for most riders.
  • When you consider that the Stamina 5325 has eight levels of resistance, and the 130 has twenty for only a slightly higher price, you begin to see why this exercise bike has gained popularity among consumers.
  • Not often do you see models that are this affordable with a highly respectable specification list. The amount included for the price is certainly one of it’s selling points.
  • Adjustable saddle and handlebars make light work of re-positioning yourself to where you feel most comfortable.
  • First class design that specializes in stability and a solid structure to cycle on. Levelers at the front and back plus over sized tubing in the frame keep things strong, reliable and durable.
  • Great warranty policy included with ten years on the frame, two on mechanical, one on electronic parts, and ninety days on labor which is fairly common.
  • Choose to switch on a fan that can adjust to three differing speeds to keep you cool and comfortable whilst exercising.


  • When you overlook the fact that it’s a lower budget option, you can see some limitations on what’s available. There are models with more bells and whistles included such as the Nautilus u616, where resistance and programs are considerably higher. But that’s the choice you have to make when looking for the best upright exercise bike.
  • Some riders complained with issues related to their feet hitting the crank when peddling with shoes.


The Schwinn 130 is designed to handle the day to day wear and tear you come to expect from home gym owners. Multiple users, and intensive training regimes are all doable with the correct planning.

The structure is quite impressive and remains sturdy throughout judging by what consumers and testers have found. This could be attributed to the dual levelers and large tubing down the center that keeps everything solid.

Seating can be hit and miss in modern exercise bikes. Sometimes they lack the necessary padding to please riders. That’s not the case hear however. It’s padded saddle is also contoured and very simple to adjust the height using a knob. It shares many similarities in this respect with the 8.0 EX from Nautilus 8.0 EX. Perhaps that’s because they are under the same umbrella company. Either way, there is a shared degree of comfort in both brands.

Moving onto the peddle area. They are attached to one piece cranks and come fully equipped with toe straps to prevent your feet from falling off whilst peddling. While not everyone favors toe cages, they are a necessary inclusion in our opinion and do a great job in keeping injuries at bay, and your feet firmly attached to the peddle.

Exercise features

As you would expect from an upright exercise bike, the 130 offers plenty of challenging workouts that will push you outside of your comfort zone and have you improving on your stamina and general well being in no time.

Aside from being great for weight loss, training cardio regularly can be fantastic for relieving stress and toning up muscles. This bike can help you with that through it’s extensive list of workout programs. There are an impressive twenty two in total that will surely keep you busy and motivated as you work through them. While this is slightly lower than the Schwinn 170, it’s still enough to keep things fresh and enjoyable.

Additionally, it has twenty different levels of difficulty that can be worked through. It’s always important to have a nice range of resistance, and Schwinn fitness are providing just that.

Console and data tracking

Whilst not always mandatory, consoles are increasingly becoming one of the leading tools used to keep track of everything you do while exercising. And it’s because of this attention to detail, riders can pick up on key areas that need improvement such as pace, time, and distance.

The design of the console itself is modern, large, and everything appears easily readable. A nice touch are the quick start navigation buttons that make finding everything related to changing the difficulty and applications easy to find.

What are consumers saying?

As we mentioned earlier, this is a bike that has gained quite a bit of momentum and popularity with consumers in recent times. We believe a contributing factor to this is the brand name combined with the low price.

Positive feedback includes users talking about how quick and easy it was to put together, while some others talk about the convenience of the fan and sturdy structure.

Negatives talk about the buffer between the shaft area and the peddles, which causes several riders to get caught on the shaft whilst wearing shoes.


Gym equipment in the lower budget range can often be a let down. However, the Schwinn 130 has so much on offer, it’s hard to see it being anything other than a success for most buyers. A reasonably solid structure and excellent range of training features make this a winner in our book, and certainly one of the best value for money models we have analyzed.

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