Schwinn 170 review

When you consider the level of competition in the upright bike industry, it can be challenging for a manufacturer to bring out a model that stands out from the rest. We believe the Schwinn 170 does just that with a rather extensive set of specifications that match anything at the same price point.

And while it’s important to understand the inner working and capabilities of a cardio machine, it’s also important to analyze what consumers are saying. In this case, we found the overall majority are clearly happy with their purchases,

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  • If you have found your training to be quite limited in the past, this bike has a great set of training options to keep you busy, and is great for use in a home gym environment.
  • There isn’t a lot of upright bikes that can match the amount of training programs included on this model. If it’s twenty nine workout programs isn’t enough to get you determined to reach your exercise goals, we don’t know what is.
  • An impressive amount of tension options set this apart from many of it’s competitors at this price point. In total it has twenty five different levels of resistance that can cater for either the beginner cyclist, or people who are already very fit, but want a bit of diversity in their workout regime. This is very similar to the Nautilus 8.0 EX.
  • Because the 170 runs on a high speed, high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel, you can expect a very consistent, smooth ride, that is surprisingly quiet.
  • The saddle has height adjustment options, is contoured, and is padded to ensure people are comfortable.
  • Smart tracking technology built into the computer console and display. You can expect to see reading of up to thirteen differing statistics regarding your current workouts.
  • Despite it’s long list of specifications and functions, it’s reasonably priced and affordable for those of you with a lower to medium budget.


  • Some people who purchased it complained of problems with switching on the console. They encourage people to check it’s working before assembling it. These are most likely the rare cases of a faulty product, but certainly worth checking on.
  • Some other negative feedback included complaints about the state of the packaging it was delivered in. While this could be down to the delivery or courier service, it’s important for consumers to have a good look at the box before you open it and inspect for damage.


The dimensions of the Schwinn 170 measure at 58 by 41 by 22 inches, and it weighs 74 pounds. So straight away, we know that it’s not too bulky and isn’t going to take up much space which is fantastic for home use.

On closer inspection of the saddle, we see that it’s well padded and contoured to make sure riders are happy and comfortable even on the more intensive long distance cycles.

It’s also clear that attention has been paid to positioning the seat for different leg lengths. It can be adjusted upwards or downwards as well as fore and aft to ensure both taller and smaller riders can reach the peddles with ease.

Looking at the peddles, they are equipped with adjustable foot cages that are designed to stop you from slipping off the peddles at high speeds. And because it’s aligned with a high speed, high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel, you will feel the peddling motion is very smooth with very limited noise.

The frame itself is very modern and comes in the color black. According to users the structure is quite sturdy and strong, while Schwinn fitness also list a maximum weight capacity of three hundred pounds.

A common aspect we have found while researching various shops and blogs online, say that it’s relatively easy to put together, which is great because no one wants to spend hours upon hours working out where specific nuts and bolts go.

Exercise features

The training functionality of any upright exercise bike can make or break it. It’s what separates the popular models, from the average. We believe the 170 excels in this area simply because the amount of choice in intensity and workouts is almost unparalleled at this price point.

It offers twenty five levels of resistance, like the Nautilus u616, Which will allow someone who is completely new to exercising to find a difficulty level that’s right for them and then use that as a base to progress their stamina and endurance. Of course, intermediate and advanced users stand to gain a lot from using this cardio machine too, with the ability to mix up between light and heavier, more intensive training, they can keep things fresh and keep the muscles guessing.

Additionally, it’s equipped with twenty nine different exercise applications which is above what we consider the average in the exercise industry. Top rated upright bikes tend to offer that little extra to help riders stay focused and motivated throughout their training. And this model does just that.

Console and data tracking

The technology included throughout the console makes light work of navigation and control thanks to a great user interface. Buttons surround the monitor that will enable cyclists to quickly change the resistance, program, as well as quick start and emergency stop buttons in the center.

There is also a LCD display that everything from distance to time taken will be displayed.

This is a excellent tool for identifying the areas that need improvement upon as well as keeping track of your current personal bests and trying to beat them.

What are consumers saying about it?

Analyzing several online shops, along with popular fitness bloggers, we believe it’s fair to say the majority are very happy with their purchase. While there are negatives regarding packaging, and the console, you will find that their is a common theme where consumers appreciate the quietness, sturdy build and exercise features included.


This brand has always been one of the leading producers of exercise bikes around the globe. The Schwinn 170 is one in a long line of top class models that are affordable, comfortable, and very reliable. We believe the specs and customer ratings speak for themselves in terms of the effectiveness and value provided.

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