Schwinn 230 review

Looking for a recumbent bike that operates quietly, and comes with a firm, durable frame? The Schwinn 230 offers this and much more.

A modernistic, step through design that offers plenty of support for riders joints and muscles. Which makes it perfect match for those of you recovering from or struggling with injuries.

Featuring several exercise functions that are brilliant for pushing you outside your fitness ‘comfort zone’, it comes as no surprise to us that the feedback and ratings written by consumers around the web have been singing it praises.

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  • Manufactured and designed by a brand with a excellent reputation in the exercise bike industry. When looking at both older and current models, such as the Schwinn 270, you will see positive reviews from customers all around the web. A sign that they know what a bikes features should entail.
  • Lots of workout programs are built into the console. In fact, adding them all up, there is twenty two in total. This is quite a bit above what we consider average, especially in the lower to medium tier price point.
  • Cyclists will be treated with a lot of different resistance levels to work with. In total, there are twenty separate levels, each will add a specific amount of tension to the peddles, making the workout more challenging (or easier), depending on your current fitness level.
  • Low noise levels, which is great for environments where their are multiple people within a confined environment, such as a home gym.
  • Data feedback to the console is advanced and will enable riders to keep an eye on thirteen different pieces of info regarding your latest workout.
  • Versatile design that will allow users to change the position of the seating with ease.
  • Strong frame, with supports and levelers in all the right places to provide a solid platform to do your cardio.
  • It won’t take long to assemble the 230. Pretty straightforward for most users.
  • Great warranty policy.


  • If you are very tall, for example six foot four and above, you may have issues with the seat being too close to the peddles, even when the seat is adjusted to the position furthest away on the rail.
  • Some users complained of comfort issues with the seating. A lack of padding was one of the main concerns.


The Schwinn 230 has plenty of positives that can be found within it’s design, but also a few negatives. While it does boast a great deal of positional variety, there are some drawbacks, such as the seat not offering sufficient comfort through padding. Long rides may become uncomfortable, however, it does redeem itself by having it the seat molded or contoured.

The seat provides a excellent amount of ventilation holes to allow air to flow freely and provide the cooling effects much needed during an intensive workout session. What’s more the position and length away from the peddles can be adjusted to suit the leg length and requirements of the rider, which is excellent.

Operates on a high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel which makes the peddling motion feel smooth and consistent, whilst reducing noise levels down to the bare minimum.

The frame has some tell tale signs of stability. The crossbar, which is deliberately over sized, plus the levelers at each end of the bike work really well and will help the 230 feel solid throughout all stages of the exercise.

Grips to the side of the seating can keep track of your resting and active heart rate. These handles are ergonomically designed to limit stress on your wrists and arms whilst holding them.

Transportation wheels make light work of moving the bike into a new area of the house. In theory you could assemble it a room with plenty of space, then just roll it into the gym afterwords.

Exercise features

It’s equipped with some first class training functions that will help you push yourself further than you thought you were capable of. There are a number of options built in, that favor both beginners and advanced users.

First of all you will have a great amount of choice in which difficulty level you work with. It runs on eddy current resistance and offers 20 separate tension levels, offering different stages of intensity that will offer a challenge for people from all fitness levels.

In addition to the levels of difficulty, there is also the handy exercise programs you often see in Schwinn recumbent bikes. In total, there is 22 separate challenging apps to keep you busy. This includes helping you keep tabs on your progression towards your weight loss goals.

Console and data tracking

A smart console that will display an excellent amount of variety in feedback type. Some of you will be focusing on weight loss, others will be looking to break your own personal records.

Whatever your targets, the computer monitor will show you exactly how your performing in terms of speed, distance, time and numerous other options. When you see positive progress visually in front of you, it serves as a fantastic motivator that will keep you focused in the long run.

Warranty policy

You will be covered by several policies including ten years on the frame, ninety days on any labor, two years on any mechanical parts, and one on electric parts such as the console. This is a solid Warranty policy which stands toe to toes with many of the top recumbent bikes on the market.

What are consumers saying?

Consumers have reacted very positively towards the 230. There are multiple comments which talk about the quality and variety in resistance, plus how easy it was to assemble. When researching multiple online shops, we conclude the results are very similar and highly rated across the board.


Usually, when we look at a mid tier exercise bike, we find several drawbacks that can effect many peoples decisions. The Schwinn 230 however, has many strengths that by far outweigh the weaknesses.

Riders will be treated to a great deal of choice between tension levels, be able to stay focused using the built in applications, and be working with a durable product that feels solid.

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