Schwinn 470 review

Anyone researching into the many different types of elliptical machines on the market will almost certainly of come across the Schwinn 470 elliptical machine. It’s one of the more popular options and a best seller at many online stores. We aim to find out more about it’s inner workings to understand why.

Consumer ratings and opinions have certainly been positive to date with several people talking about how easy it was to assemble, as well as the effectiveness of the workout provided.

From all the information gathered, we believe this is an ideal option for home gym users working with a medium budget.

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  • Offers ten degree incline choice that can be changed by motor. Brings a whole different range of motion than your standard flat elliptical trainers, and will help target slightly different muscle fibers with each stride.
  • Plenty of exercise programs with twenty nine in total. This is far above the average and something that will serve you with purpose so that you can keep focused, and motivated in hitting your fitness targets.
  • With twenty five levels of eddy current resistance, it’s also providing a lot more choice in intensity than some of the more popular machines, such as the Nautilus e614.
  • With a big reputation behind it, you can expect Schwinn to offer some of the best training functionality available in the market. One glance at it’s historic fitness product should be enough to tell you that they have consistently churned out market leading gym equipment, and the Schwinn 470 is no different.
  • There are an exceptional amount of display profiles to track on the fitness console. Each of these look at different aspects of your training such as time, distance, calories, and distance. How you make use of this data is up to you, but it can come in very handy with the right workout plan behind it. For example, you could push yourself to beat personal bests.
  • The flywheel is a high speed, high inertia, and perimeter weighted. Generally you can expect a smoother exercise session that is fluid and reduces the amount of noise, which is often ideal for home gym use.
  • A solid warranty policy that offers one year coverage on electronic parts, ten years on the frame and two years on mechanical parts. What’s more, you are also entitled to ninety days labor, should anything go wrong in the first few weeks of use.


  • One review we found said they were not happy with the motion of this elliptical machine. This could come down to them making comparisons with a more commercial style machine (which should never be done, due to there being too big a gap in quality and price).
  • Someone had some issues with the rollers wearing out too soon. However, they were able to get replacements for them.


When you compare the 470 with several of the top rated ellipticals on the market, you can begin to understand why it’s a popular choice among consumers. It’s modern design with a strong, sturdy framework is certainly something you are going to want as far as durability is concerned.

The manufacturer actually recommends that users up to three hundred pounds can workout on it. However, we always suggest going for something that can handle something that can handle fifty pounds above your current weight. This is mainly us addressing performance issues that quite often arise on such matters.

The foot plates are cushioned, and purposely designed to handle bigger than average feet, to accommodate a wider audience. It will also go a long way in helping the amount of injuries that are caused by placing users in positions they feel uncomfortable.

The twenty inch stride length is a great number for both small and tall people. However, if you’re very tall, you may want to look for something that pushes the stride length further, or even an adjustable option.

The handlebars are ergonomically designed to reduce stress on the arms and shoulders, and they are equipped with pulse sensors that record data about your heart rate. They are also movable to ensure people get a proper upper body workout, as well as lower body.

Exercise features

If you prefer a bit of variety in challenges and intensity, the Schwinn 470 could be the ideal option with all the training functionality you come to expect from a world renowned brand name.

For starters, it blows away much of the competition in the medium tier price category in terms of choice in resistance. The twenty five differing levels of tension can really test your fitness and push you further than you would otherwise go in general cardio training. Whats even more surprising is that this selection of tension provides more than some of its higher priced counterparts, including the ProForm 12.0 NE and the Endurance 720 E.

Next up you have a long list of exercise programs that will help people settle into their workout regime by focusing on specific areas that may need improvements, such as heart rate control. In fact, there is nine options that center around this alone. Other options include recovery ability and general fitness tests. While we have not listed them all here, one things for sure, you won’t run out of things to target and improve upon, which can be a massive motivational factor towards staying fit and healthy in the long run.

Console and tracking data

Schwinn connect is certainly one of the main selling points due to it’s ability to keep track of user progress towards reaching goals.

But that’s not all, you can expect a whole range of functions built into the console that will make exercising a whole lot more convenient. Such functions include the recording and tracking of data with regards to time taken, speed, distance, and heart rate. If you were to total up all the different display profiles, you would have thirteen ways to read data. Each can be used to have a positive impact on your training.

The console is well designed with a large, visible display, that has text and numbers that is easy to read. Buttons are well labelled and overall, the navigation coupled with usability is spot on.

What are consumers saying?

Sometimes you don’t end up getting a clear cut understanding of what consumers think about specific elliptical machines. In this case however, we believe various online shops, stores, as well as popular fitness bloggers all hold similar opinions on the overall quality. And that is certainly of a more positive nature than negative.


When you look at the evidence around the web, as well as the specifications and features themselves, it’s easy to see why the Schwinn 470 has had a lasting impact. The design is perfect for home use, and the variety in what can be done puts it up there with some of the best ellipticals for people working with a medium budget.

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