Schwinn a20 review

The a20 recumbent exercise bike is a challenging platform to conduct your cardiovascular workouts on. Featuring seven training programs that encompass a lot of different aspects of staying fit, plus a magnetic tension system, it’s easy to see why this could be the missing piece of your weight loss puzzle for many consumers.

While it is a lower budget option, it shouldn’t be written off as low quality. In fact consumer feedback suggests the opposite, with many high ratings found at several of our online sources.

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  • If your researching for a new bike on a tight budget, this could be ideal. The competition will find it hard to match it for price and brand recognition. A similar option that does match it in many aspects, is the 900xl from Exerpeutic. Both options are affordable, and have a respectable amount of intensity functions built in.
  • Eight levels of magnetic resistance provides a solid base in difficulty. And while it doesn’t match the 510sr from Diamondback, it’s a solid amount for this price point. What’s more, you will find that it operates very quietly indeed.
  • Seven exercise programs will keep the cyclist busy in chasing their goals, as well as helping them remain focused and motivated.
  • Keep track of what your pulse rate is using the heart rate sensor grips located at the side of it’s seating.
  • As is quite often associated with Schwinn bikes, the LCD computer display is easy to read, with large clear lettering.
  • A metal frame that will offer strength, and durability to your workouts.
  • Reasonably compact, which is fantastic for using in a home gym setting.
  • Seating can be adjusted enough for both taller and shorter people. From what we have read, both 4 ft 11 and 6 ft 3 were able to re-position the seat to a position that worked for them.
  • Plenty of good reviews can be found at various online stores, shops, and several fitness blogs.
  • Reasonably easy to put together.


  • The Schwinn A20 offers technology for understanding if you are close to hitting your training targets as well as measuring the distance you’ve travelled, the amount of time you took, RPM, and speed. However, some would argue it’s a little outdated, as there are plenty of older models on the market with similar tech additions.
  • Limitations in both resistance and exercise applications. It’s not quite matching some other recumbent exercise bikes like the ProForm 6.0 es. However, pricing should always be taken into account, and this is a cheaper option. It’s more about finding the correct balance between value and substance.


Like many Schwinn exercise bike models before it, the frame is incredibly easy to access thanks to it’s step through design. Everyone old and young, will be able to use it simply because it offers first rate back support to the rider.

Other excellent design features the a20 offers include padded seating to ensure that the longer more challenging workouts are as comfortable as possible. There are bikes on the market that only offer plastic saddles, so this is certainly a welcome addition.

The seating position can also be adjusted, or slid along the rail to a point the rider is most comfortable with. From what we have read in ratings and feedback, it appears, even the very tall people of six foot three were able to use it.

A sturdy metal frame that is focused on providing stability and sturdiness. This is amplified by the two sets of levelers. One at the back, and one at the front.

Foot straps on the peddles keep your feet glued in place whilst riding. A common injury on these style exercise bikes in the past was caused by feet slipping off the peddles, so this will help prevent that from happening.

Exercise features

One of the areas we feel it lets itself down on is the ability to progress and further your fitness potential. The eight resistance levels and seven workout programs will be great for intermediate and beginners, but we’re not quite convinced it will be suitable for more advanced or veteran users. There are certainly other bikes that can offer a bit more.

However, with that being said, price is a major issue here to overcome for brands offering lower priced models like this. And they are clearly aiming to get the right balance between a great spec list and value.

Console and data tracking

The hand grips on the Schwinn a20 are located at the side of the seating. While at first glance these may look like a tool for keeping your balance, and yes they can be used for that, they are actually sensors to read your heart rate that will send that data to the console.

The console itself has a very simple interface that is easy to navigate and change the various exercise options such as resistance and applications. The quick start buttons make things even more convenient.

The screen at the top will show most of the statistics you would come to expect in a modern recumbent bike, including time, speed, RPM, and distance.

Frequently asked questions

Do the seats include padding on the back and bottom?

Yes, both areas are well padded and plenty of consumers report that its comfortable to sit on for extended periods of time.

How noisy is it?

Because it operates on magnetic style resistance, you will find that it is almost silent. Great for working up a sweat at home.

Does it fold up?

Unfortunately no. However, as recumbent bikes go, this certainly offers a minimal footprint and will not take up much space in the corner of a room.

What are consumers saying?

There seems to be much agreement towards the fact that it operates very quietly, has a solid frame, and value for money.

The opposite arguments included the limitations in training functionality which we covered above in our exercise features section.


Regardless of the negative feedback found, one can’t deny the huge amount of positive ratings the Schwinn a20 has received around the net. It’s quite clear to us from further research, comparisons, and analysis, that this is one of the best lower budget models on offer.

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