Schwinn IC2 Review

The IC2 spin bike from Schwinn Fitness has several stand out features which will help riders reach their fitness potential. One of these features is the nice and heavy flywheel that will do a great job in ensuring users get a smooth, and steady ride.

Another potentially important area we looked at is the frame structure and material. This is made from a steel material that balances the weight load well with great use of levelers at either end.

A quick look at feedback online can give an early indication about the quality, and it certainly appears to have a decent amount of consumers who are happy with their purchase.

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  • You set the power and resistance levels you work out at thanks to it’s thirty one pound flywheel.
  • Like many other Schwinn indoor cycles of the past, it has a solid base and sturdy frame to ensure your riding experience feels stable and consistent.
  • Mimics outdoor road cycling in some respects, so if realism is an aspect you want to get from your fitness equipment, the IC2 may be a good starting point.
  • Smart computer console tracking will record RPM, speed, calories burned off, distance peddled and several other statistics such as time.
  • A excellent choice for those of you working with limited space. It has a compact design that is perfect for home use in the corner of a room and out the way when not in use.
  • Lots of ways to change up the positioning of handles and seating to ensure riders are as comfortable as possible.
  • Consumer feedback suggests the bike is relatively easy to install and assemble.


  • Doesn’t offer a large weight capacity unlike the Diamondback Fitness 510ic 300 pounds recommendation. However, there is also the pricing differences to take into account there.
  • Whilst a thirty one pound flywheel is effective enough for most people, there are spin bikes on the market that offer heavier options, such as the Sunny Pro, which comes with a forty pound one.
  • Some complaints included people making remarks about the noise levels once you’re training at a higher intensity or resistance level.


Looking at the design, there doesn’t appear to be a lot missing in what we have come to expect from a top indoor cycling bike. Levelers at either end and a solid frame form the foundation of a sturdy base built to handle everyday use. In comparison with other models, there doesn’t appear to be anything out of the ordinary, and will enable riders weighing up to 250 pounds to cycle on it.

However, as with any piece of fitness equipment, we believe comfort should be a major buying decision. Several factors can be looked at to determine quality in this area, a few examples being the amount of adjustment on the handlebars, and saddle.

Because the handles have multiple positions, this can ensure riders position there hands where they feel most comfortable. In the case of its saddle, it can be adjusted fore and aft, which can help accommodate longer or shorter limbs.

To give you an idea of the amount of space it takes up, the dimensions are as follows: 45 inches x 23 inches by 49 inches (Length x Width x Height), and its weighs just 83 pounds.

According to customers, the assembly process is simple and reasonably quick. Whats more, it has transportation wheels to roll it to whichever room you will be training in.

Exercise features

The exercise functions included on the Schwinn IC2 are pretty standard for spinning bikes. You generate your own resistance through its 31 pound flywheel. There is advantages and disadvantages to this, but one of the main benefits of this is it can really help improve endurance for road cycling. The disadvantages can often be how hard you push yourself. If you are not training intensively enough and pushing your fitness limits, results can be limited.

Console and data tracking

The BioConnect computer console will ensure important data is recorded throughout each workout. It comes with a LCD screen that notes all the useful data such as time, distance, speed. Naturally, this is the standard these days, but very helpful in determining fitness progression in the long term.

What are consumers saying?

This product has been around for quite some time now, and it doesn’t seem to be causing any major issues among consumers. When we look at opinions and ratings from buyers around the web, it’s quite clear the majority are happy with the end product.

Several users report that the amount on offer for the price is good, whilst others praise how easy it is to assemble and the quality of the frame.

There were a few instances of unhappy people, who comment about it being too noisy and having a cheap feel. This doesn’t appear to be the case for most, but it should be noted nonetheless.


Overall, we feel that the Schwinn IC2 exercise bike will be a great addition for those of you working with a budget on the lower end. Not only is there a great amount of value for money, it will keep you busy with a realistic workout upon a sturdy frame.

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