Sole B74 review

The B74 upright bike has all the necessary cardio essentials for users to reach their performance peak, while working out at home. It’s produced by a great brand name, who have a great reputation with several top selling cardio products already on the market.

This bike contains a 18 pound flywheel, several different types of workout programs, and plenty of resistance to build up your endurance. There is certainly enough included to kick start your training without having to pay over the odds.

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By taking into account the budget point it’s categorized in, we have compared it to others in the industry to see how it stacks up against them. Listed below we find the various good and bad points for your research.


For beginners, the ten exercise programs built into the console will be plenty. Within these ten, you get a choice of six standard options, two based around heart rate, and two that offer customization. So you get a good range of things to train with. However, for a more advanced level of fitness, you may want to check our comparison table to find something with higher performance apps.

The console area has a nice and large computer display. It’s seven and a half inches, with simple to read, block text that will display all the tracking data surrounding your latest workout session. The navigation buttons beneath the screen are clearly labelled and user friendly too, which is great.

Operates on magnetic style tension which is one of the most suited tension types for indoor cardio. It’s usually smooth as well as quiet.

Find yourself sweating profusely when training indoors? The cooling workout fan built onto the console will blow a gentle breeze onto you whilst you peddle, keeping you cooler and comfortable for longer.

The B74 allows a lot of adjustment to the seating. You can choose a position you are most at ease with by moving the saddle both vertically and horizontally.

Includes a solid warranty policy that covers you for a year on the parts, labor, and electronics, alongside lifetime cover on the frame.


For riders who have been cycling for years, the amount of exercise apps may not be high enough for your needs. If that’s the case, why not look at this bike here, or this one.

The recommendation of 290 pounds weight capacity for the user is actually slightly under average. Most options we come across in this range offer 300. Not much between them, but still a difference. The construction materials used in the frame are actually heavy steel tubing, so you can still expect a certain degree of strength and durability.


Take nothing away from it, the Sole B74 is a very good piece of home cardio equipment. It has all the basics, with plenty of advanced functions sprinkled in like the programs for good measure. A reputable brand, and respectable price for what’s included, and well worth looking into further.