Sole SB900 review

If you’re after a strong spin bike, with a heavy flywheel, then the SB900 indoor cycle could be ideal. A 40 pound flywheel and durable frame structure that can hold up to 300 pounds are just a few of the great features included.

First impressions of exercise equipment we have reviewed in the past from this brand have normally been positive. And with some great consumer feedback and ratings found around the web for this one, hopefully we can find more of the same.

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Understanding exactly what you’re getting for your money is very important, especially throughout the exercise equipment industry. You can often miss some great features, as well as skim over some of a machines flaws. So to help our readers, we have put together some of the ways in which it may benefit you, and highlight any flaws in the design or specifications.


The 48 pound, chrome plated flywheel is certainly the sort of weight you should be aiming for with a mid to higher budget. Above average, and will certainly provide a smooth and consistent peddling motion and remove any flimsy or cheap feeling you find in many lower tier indoor cycles.

Heavy steel tubing and aluminum shroud make up the materials used in its design. It provides a respectable 300 pounds user limit, which combined with the stabilizers at both ends and heavier flywheel, have all the making of a sturdy, reliable bike.

The seat on the SB900 is padded and shaped similar to a road racing bicycle, a nice little design feature for a sense of realism. It’s also adjustable in height and to some extent horizontally. With multiple users normally using home gym equipment, these adjustments are important as seats are not a one glove fits all solution.

Like the saddle, the handlebars can also be positioned exactly where you feel most comfortable. This is arguably the most important things to keep an eye on whilst researching into the various spin bikes available. Again, riders get the choice of moving them vertically or horizontally depending on arm reach and the position you generally peddle in.

According to the manufacturer, it’s a reasonably quiet bike. For a home gym, no one wants something that rattles and squeaks all the time.

The dimensions are as follows: 42 inches by 21 inches by 40 inches. Additionally, it weighs 133 pounds.


If you are like me, I prefer my consoles to be fairly large and easily readable so I can check my data whilst peddling. My terrible eyesight may play a part in that, but at the same time, this is still quite a small display which may cause issues for some. However, the same display will still show all the useful readings such as RPM, time, distance, speed, and calories.

Quite expensive and not realistic for low budget users. If that’s the case, have a look at cheaper variants like the Sunny Pro.


We think that the Sole SB900 is one of our favorite options at this price point. The reasoning behind this is the materials used, solid framework, and a heavy duty flywheel to keep the mechanism running smoothly even through the most intensive of training sessions.