Spinner fit indoor cycle Review

The manufacturer – Mad Dogg Athletics,  describes the Spinner Fit exercise bike as club quality. It certainly holds some of the key specifications associated with such models.

The great thing about these types of bikes is the realistic feel you’re given when cycling. They tend to be very much akin to road racing bikes, which in our opinion makes them a ideal replacement solution for the freezing cold winter months or times when the elements prevents you from taking a ride outside.

Take nothing away from the bike as a simple cardio machine though, it has all the making s of an effective fat burning tool with several stand out performance features that will really help you in your quest to hit your fitness targets.

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Like a lot of spin bikes, it has a very compact design that will fit into the corner of most modern rooms with plenty of space to spare for other equipment. It’s dimensions are 44 inches by 18 inches by 38 inches and it weighs just 90 pounds, giving you an indication of its lightweight nature.

But, just because it’s light, doesn’t mean it’s flimsy and prone to breaking. On the contrary, it has a solidly built frame that can withstand user weight capacity of up to 250 pounds according to the manufacturer, which is slightly under the 275 offered by the Sunny Pro.


Not all bikes are comfortable, in fact, many people go to extraordinary lengths just to ensure they have the level of comfort they feel accustomed to while working out. And despite there being a huge amount of variety in the fitness industry, it can still be difficult to find one that suits specific needs.

The saddle on this model however, does appear to tick all the boxes. It’s well-padded and reasonably wide for starters. What’s more it’s adjustable to account for the different leg lengths which are so often a problem in other brands. The great thing about this is that it can be changed both vertically and horizontally.


The handles are also adjustable. Many cyclists adopt several different racing position when peddling intensively which is why we believe this is an important feature that is often overlooked by companies. They are also covered in specially designed foam grips to ensure that slippage is minimized. By doing so, they also reduce the chances of injuries in the long run.


It has a reasonably heavy flywheel weighing 31 pounds. Not quite as heavy as the one on the Bladez Fitness Fusion GS, but it will certainly provide the stability and consistency needed for a very smooth ride. This is the same weight bracket as the 510Ic, which is a popular bike in it’s own right.


There is a knob/dial on the front of the bike that will dictate how hard your training will be. There is tons of difficulty levels to work with, meaning that the vast majority of people looking to get in shape will find a level that most benefits them.

Just remember to push yourself past your comfort level, or the results won’t be coming as quickly as you might have hoped.

Other noteworthy inclusions

It comes with four handy spinning DVD’s plus several other accessories that will really help you make progress such as an eight week fat burning program. It comes with everything both beginners and veteran’s alike need to hit their workout targets from scratch.

What do consumers think?

We have come across many more positive reviews from users than those of a negative nature. Perhaps more surprising to us is the popularity of it. It’s not quite up there with the likes of ProForm, but it’s certainly attracting buyers and that tells us a lot about this particular model.

While its clear people don’t expect a club or gym level option, many seem to be under the impression that for the price, there is value to be found.

The bottom line

Strong, stable and backed up by consumers, it would appear the Spinner Fit indoor cycle has an air of enthusiasm and respect surrounding it by both users and enthusiasts. For those of you with medium level budgets, that need a relatively small cardio machine, this could be ideal. However, there are some great alternatives such as the Schwinn IC2 which has gained some decent ratings despite it’s low price.

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