Stamina 5325 review

It can be difficult in this day and age to find an affordable upright exercise bike with all the bells and whistles included to fulfill ones training ambitions. The Stamina 5325 is one of the rare cases where you have a excellent combination of features and value for money.

This model appears to be well respected across the fitness industry, with masses of consumers and experts rating it highly in several areas. As with any low budget model, there are drawbacks. But these don’t appear to scupper peoples overall opinion of it.

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  • Many stationary bike brands on the market don’t offer a cardio machine at this price, with the same level of specifications and features. A excellent choice for those of you on a tight budget.
  • While some gym equipment can take up a lot of space, this measures just 56 by 34 by 26 inches and weighs just 68 pounds. This is a lightweight and compact option that is great for people with limited space in their gym.
  • Inexpensive when compared to other popular upright bikes such as the Nautilus u616. Those of you working with a low budget will appreciate the amount of value included for the price.
  • One thing the 5325 does well is keep the rider comfortable. Equipped with a excellent saddle that adjusts in height,is contoured, and well padded. This will minimize stress on long and challenging rides.
  • It will operate quietly because of magnetic resistance. Users can choose and switch between eight differing challenge levels.
  • Choose to work on various aspects of your training by making use of the optional exercise programs. There are six in total.
  • Track your heart rate, quickly, and conveniently with pulse sensors on the handlebars.
  • Not very difficult to assemble.
  • A respectable design that provides clear strength in the frame with a three hundred pound weight limitation for riders.


  • Because it’s at a lower price point, there are bound to be limitations in functionality. At the same time, you have to respect that budget bikes can’t have the same capabilities as top tier options. Some of the limitations we immediately noticed was the amount of resistance and training programs. There isn’t a great deal of room to progress once you reach the higher levels.


As time progresses so to, does the design of exercise bikes. Top brands are always look to find the right mix of strength, durability and comfort, all the while keeping prices affordable. The Stamina 5325 is an example of a solid mix that markets to the home gym user.

A smooth ride is essential whilst cycling, and the magnetic style resistance provides just that along with lowered noise levels and reliability.

The vinyl saddle, is a excellent example of a seat that’s designed for maximizing comfort. It’s padded, contoured and can adjust to various heights to enable riders of all leg lengths to re-position themselves to a place they feel most comfortable on the peddles.

Perhaps one area we thought stood out was structural and weight limit quality. You sometimes expect lower budget stationary bikes to be fairly limited in this area. This model handles riders weight of up to three hundred pounds, which is inline with many of the best upright bikes on the market.

Transportation wheels attached to the levelers provide mobility, and if you decide for whatever reason to change your gym room to another area in the house, it will save you from doing the majority of the heavy lifting.

Exercise features

The most common specifications you expect to see for training include the amount of workouts applications found on the console as well as the variety in challenges and intensity.

The 5325 may not be the stand out option in the industry in terms of how much choice in tension you get, but it does provide everything a beginner and intermediate cyclist would require for working out at home.

Overall, it’s got eight different levels on difficulty that run on the quiet, more consistent magnetic style resistance. It’s a good base to work off and gradually progress from.

And because you’re not going to be spending a lot of cash buying it, it may be that you simply upgrade to a more popular bike such as the Schwinn 170 once you have reached the level of fitness you aspired to on this particular cardio machine.

Additionally, six workout app’s will add a little extra depth to your rides, by helping you focus and target on specific areas of training like pacing yourself and not tiring out too soon.

Console and data tracking

Without mentioning the exercise programs again, there are also several other reasons why the console can and will help you improve your endurance.

While it may not be the largest screen, or pack the smartest technology in the upright bike industry, it is very effective at helping riders monitor performance.

The main areas you can keep tabs on include how many calories you’ve burned off, pace, distance and time. The other inclusions are the easy to navigate buttons that are clearly labelled and reflect the usability we associate with many of Stamina’s gym equipment. While it’s not as advanced as the u614 from Nautilus, it still does the job.

What are consumers saying about it?

Aside from the obvious value for money, consumers had a lot of positive things to say about the design, the low amount of noise, the compact design, and ease of assembly.

Some negatives included people complaining about the durability. While there is conflicting information on this at several online sources, some will say it’s built to last, others will say it broke after six months. One would expect this comes down to how rigorous your training is, how many users, and how often your cycle.


Some of the low budget models don’t hold much weight from a consumers point of view. However, the ratings for the Stamina 5325 speak for themselves and reflect the amount of quality included. While there are drawbacks, the value for money almost certainly outweighs these.

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