Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Review

The Sunny Pro is an affordable, lower budget indoor stationary bike that will provide an exceptional platform to train your legs and core.

To some, this will also known as the SF-B901, this spin bike has some top quality specifications, including a heavy 40 pound flywheel, large user weight capacity, and plenty of areas where riders can alter their riding position for comfort reasons.

This is a consumer favorite, with plenty of positive feedback found around the web appreciating the design, sturdiness, and functionality.

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  •  Smooth operation throughout the peddling motion thanks to it’s chain drive system and a forty pound flywheel. A smoother ride also equals a quieter ride, which is perfect for home gym use.
  • Move the handlebars and seating into the position of your choice with simple to use adjustment dials.
  • The recommended weight limit of 275 pounds caters for the majority of cyclists, much like the Fusion GS from Bladez Fitness, yet slightly lower then the sturdy 510ic model
  • Light and compact weighing just 108 pounds and measuring 20 x 46.5 x 48.5″.
  • The difficulty can be adjusted to put a bit more pressure on your calves, and thighs. Progressively challenge yourself and keep things fresh by switching the tension up often.
  • A very positive reaction from consumers around the web, with several online retailers all showing the majority of what are great reviews.
  • An inexpensive, low budget option that is perfect for those of you just starting out on your fitness journey.


  • Some riders have come across problems with the amount of noise it makes once you change the resistance.
  • Probably not the best option for riders under five foot five. Customers feel it’s designed for taller people.


What some of the cheaper bikes lack in the indoor cycle market, is the sturdiness and stability required to take a wide range of users. That is not the case with the Sunny Pro thanks to it’s heavier than average flywheel, solid frame, and heavy duty crank system.

If you want a durable exercise bike, but not looking to splash too much cash on it, this could be ideal. A look at the materials used, the frame design, and weight capacity (275 lbs) are a good sign that point towards a product that is built to stand the test of time in a home gym environment.

Another plus point is the ability to change the positioning of certain parts to fit your own personal comfort requirements, Both the handles and the saddle come with adjustment knobs, that will change the height accordingly.

The handlebars offer various grip positions to relieve stress and strain placed on your forearms and hands in those longer rides.

Assembly of the bike has largely been reported as a simple task, with some claiming they could put it together in thirty minutes. Which sounds about average in this industry. Plus, with the addition of transportation wheels, you don’t necessarily need to build it in the same room as where it will be stored.

Exercise features

Thankfully, the Sunny SF-B901 allows you choose your resistance using a dial, which, coupled with the forty pound flywheel can help you make leaps and bounds towards your health goals. The Spinner Fit from Mad Dogg has a slightly lighter flywheel at 31 pounds, but it still gets the job done in most cases.

The ability to change up how intensive you’re riding isn’t always an option that’s always included within the feature list of a indoor stationary bike, but it should be welcome because people who enjoy spinning bikes from all fitness levels will be able to partake at their own speed.

What are consumers saying?

There is an abundance of reviews and ratings from both consumers and leading consumer magazines around the web. We have to say that the overall majority are positive with many praising the value and durability of the product. As we researched deeper, we also saw plenty of comments related to how simple it was to put together.

As with any cardio machine, there are negatives too. Some we found in our research talked about how the toe cages were a bit too tight for them and some expressed disappointment over the inability to change the handle bar position both forward and back.


Here is a video we found that looks at the bike being unpackaged.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to stand and peddle? 

Yes, all evidence from customers and reviews online point towards a sturdy platform that can handle a good amount of weight. With the manufacturer suggesting a 275 pound weight capacity, and well structured design, we agree.

How difficult is it to assemble?

Yes, we have found a range of responses that say assembly time took them between twenty and thirty minutes from the time its been unpackaged. A instruction manual is included which is simple to follow should you run into any problems.

Is this a long term solution to spinning at home?

Apart from the odd reports coming from a few disgruntled buyers who needed replacements, it does seem it holds up well and stands the test of time. Some downsides we learned about was that it can get quite noisy after a period of time and probably a bit more maintenance with things like tightening screws. One user has said they have owned it for a good few years and train on it two to three times a week and its still going strong.


Overall, we believe the Sunny Pro is an exceptional indoor exercise bike for many reasons. The main ones being that it’s very affordable for many consumers. Something that is often needed for people improving on their home gym. The other big design feature we felt helps it stand out is the strong frame and materials which compliment the flywheel and heavy duty peddling system.

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