The best recumbent bikes for a tall person

As someone who is much taller that your average exercise enthusiast, I totally understand how difficult it can be to find a good recumbent exercise bike that is both suitable and comfortable for taller users.

Luckily, there are a few features to look out for that can improve your experience, such as adjustable seating horizontally, and distance between peddles and seat. It’s these features that helped us pick this list.

The Schwinn 270 – This is not only one of the best sellers in the fitness industry, but also a fantastic option for those of you who are tall.

It comes with a handy rail to push the seat further away from the console and peddles to give yourself more leg room. The upside of it being a popular machine too, is that you get a excellent piece of equipment with all the bells and whistles needed to get in shape.

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The Schwinn a20 – Much like the 270, the a20 gives riders plenty of room for your legs to maneuver, along with a very simple, but effective step through design that makes getting on and off the machine a breeze.

Includes an adjusting seat which can be pegged further back horizontally from the peddles.

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The Diamondback Fitness 510SR – This brand have been in the exercise bike game a long time, and they have plenty of top quality machines on the market to prove their experience.

This particular model is equipped with a railing underneath the seat which can be used to re-position yourself further, or closer to the console. Leaves a considerable amount of room for lofty riders to still feel comfortable whilst peddling.

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All three of these could be considered good options for those of you whose height is causing a problem when shopping. They are versatile enough to ensure you can change positions to cater for long legs or arms, and still pack enough functionality to be considered some of the better recumbent bikes on the market.