The best spin bike for a tall person

Being taller can come with its disadvantages when shopping for a spin bike that fits your requirements. I fully understand that as a tall person myself.

What we have done is looked at various indoor cycles, and checked what sort of adjustments to either the peddles, saddle, or handlebars. These three things are going to make the main difference for a tall rider. Listed below we have provided some great options that could be perfect for your needs.

The Keiser M3 – An indoor cycle that has received plenty of positive feedback around the web. Packed with some great features, but we believe the most important of those, especially for a taller person, is the adjustments that can be made to the structure.

This includes both the seating and the peddles. The saddle can be adjusted both ways which ensures greater space for spinners legs.

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The Schwinn IC2 – Another popular spin bike with plenty of glowing reviews behind it. Packed to the brim with some terrific features, it’s quite understandable why it has become a best seller in many shops online.

However, the main point of focus we’re interested in here, is what you can adjust on the design to cater for naturally longer legs and arms that become a problem for someone of an above average height.

This cardio machine, thankfully, offers riders the opportunity to change up the seating vertically as well as horizontally as well as coming equipped with multi-position handlebars to ensure riders can get into the most comfortable position possible,

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The Diamondback Fitness 510Ic – Essentially, we want to find something that can ensure users are comfortable through all phases of their workouts. This can be limited when you are placed in awkward positions without much choice in re-positioning.

This bike, ensures riders can tweak the settings of their saddle to maximize the space given to their legs to peddle. It can make all the difference in improving your exercise experience as a whole.

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