The ultimate office workout! 16 Great ways to exercise at work

Nowadays it’s quite commonplace to be inactive at work for hours on end. The working week rolls by, employees staring at their computer screen for what seems an age, without ever breaking a sweat.

Some people believe there isn’t much in the form of exercise that can be done in your workplace. We strongly disagree. And we are going to prove it to you.

So, if you’re one of those workers whose weekly exercise consists of getting up and reloading the printer paper, and the short walk to your desk in the morning, this list of office exercises is for you!

1. Park further away


Instead of driving round your office car park in the morning, looking for a space nearest the front door, why not park in the bay furthest away? The distance and calories burned walking to and from your car adds up at the end of the month.

2. The chatterbox

Try to take some time out every so often to wander around the office from cubicle to cubicle catching up and gossiping with your co-workers. Time spent on your feet is good for you.

3. The human E-Mail

If you’re about to send an email to a member of staff in another department, walk over there and deliver it word of mouth. You can even ask if they need it forwarded to someone else. The more active you are the better!

4. The Stair king

take the staris

Maybe a more obvious once, but one neglected at that. Why not avoid the elevator and it’s pointless chit-chat and awkward silences. Instead, take the stairs. An excellent cardio and leg workout that can really help you work up a sweat. Jog up them for best effect!

5. Jogging on the spot

Ok. Not everyone is going to want to jog on the spot in front of everyone in your office like a nutcase. But it’s a very easy workout, and one the will certainly help relieve stress and keep you awake throughout the day.

6. Celebratory shadow boxing

Won a new contract? Got a new client? Cease the moment and express yourself with a celebratory shadow boxing/fist pumping session.

7. Dancing

Does your workplace allow music to be played? Why not take a break from your spreadsheets and have a little dance to your favorite tunes. Many regard dancing as one of the most fun cardiovascular exercises out there.

8. Desk cycle

Desk cycles are mini exercise bikes that come in two forms. The first, is a full bike that has a desk attached to it. The second, is a mini cycle that fits easily underneath most desks. Either way, both are excellent ways to train while using the phone, or dealing with paperwork.

9. Treadmill desk


As the name would suggest, this is a treadmill with a table attached to it. You can go for a brisk walk, and work at the PC without leaving the office. Multitasking and time management at it’s finest.

10. Cycle to work

If finding time is an issue, make use of your journey to work. If you’re within cycling distance, why not get on your bike and pedal in every day. Besides the amazing cardio workout it provides, it will also help you build leg strength and give a purpose to your commuting time.

11. Desk dips

If you can find a gap between two desks, you have the perfect set up to hit your triceps with desk dips. Alternatively, if you lean forward while doing dips, you also bring the pectoral muscles into the exercise.

12. The wall push up


If you find yourself waiting in a corridor, waiting for your boss to ask you into his office for a meeting, why not take advantage of the spare time? Face the wall, lean into it slowly and gradually. Then, using your arms, push yourself back into the original standing position. Aim for reps between ten and twenty.

13. Shoulder shrugs

An easy workout for your neck and shoulders that can be done from the comfort of your own chair. Simply raise your shoulders up towards your ears, hold for up to ten seconds, then back to the starting position. Repeat for 20 repetitions. Remember to do these slowly for the best results.

14. The staple remover

Got a bunch of documents that need shredding, but they need to have the staples picked from them before you can do so? Great. You have the perfect excuse to work out your wrist and forearms with the staple removal tool. Work your way from paper to paper, making sure you tense your forearms with each pick.

15. Canteen curls

Grab the largest water bottle you can from the canteen, or in your lunch break. This is now going to act as your dumbbell for bicep curls. Keep your palm facing upwards towards you, bottle in hand, bend the elbow and bring the weight up towards your shoulder. The best part? If your feeling worn out from all these exercises, unstop the lid and have a drink!

16. Elevated chair pushups


Just like a regular push up, an elevated pushup, brings your chest, triceps, back and shoulders into the workout. Simply put your legs up on your chair bring your upper body out in front of it, palms on the floor holding your weight. Lower yourself slowly towards the ground, hold for 2 seconds, then slowly push yourself back up all the while tensing your muscles.

Arguably one of the most difficult things to do in any new workout regime, is to stay consistent and not slack off. Luckily, in an office environment, you have plenty of sticky notes and even an outlook calendar to remind you to exercise!