Universal R20 Review

The R20 recumbent exercise bike could well be the missing piece you’ve been looking for in your home gym. It’s manufactured by Universal, and containing a decent number of challenges despite its low cost, this could work as platform to conduct some of your cardio training.

Users get to pick from a selection of resistances and programs to build up the intensity of their exercise sessions as well as the ability to record important data that gives a insight into performance data.

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Main features

There are numerous features consumers should be keeping track of before they make that all important decision to splash out on a new piece of gym equipment. Included in that list is the machines ability to provide a challenge for the majority of users.

In this models case, you can expect both beginner and intermediate riders to be able to get a reasonable workout from it as it provides eight varying levels of tension and seven workout programs. People of more advanced fitness levels may find it lacking in depth, but you can’t expect too much for this price range. at the same time. However, whichever level you’re currently at, you can expect reasonably quiet operation thanks to it running on magnetic style tension.

In addition to the training features, users can record their heart rate by using the grips on the bike. The pulse rate will be tracked and stored in the computer screen at the front along with other exercise data like RPM, speed, and time.

As recumbent style bikes go, this one isn’t particularly big and bulky, which could make it a good match for people with space limitations in their households. The measurements are given as 37 inches by 23 inches by 13 inches.

The seating is adjustable to ensure users can position themselves more comfortably which can effect performances.

It has a steel frame and offers a maximum weight capacity for users up to 275 pounds, which isn’t the largest available on the market, but for the price, it’s around about the same mark many of the competitors offer like the Weslo pursuit g 3.1.


Overall, the Universal R20 isn’t going to be the most advanced available.  But for people searching for something to work up a sweat from home on a low budget, it could be a suitable option. You get a selection of exercise programs built in to keep you busy, which, alongside the eight tension levels, can provide a decent starting point in your fitness journey.

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