Universal U10 review

The U10 upright exercise bike has some decent workout features built in that will help users build up stamina, tone up muscles, and lose weight.

It features several tension levels, and a range of training applications to make your workouts more interesting. What’s more, you’re not going to need to spend too much in comparison to other bikes which makes it a option for people with a small budget.

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Main features

So just how does this model compare to other upright bikes? Well at first glance, this appears to be a more affordable solution to home exercise for those just starting out. As a cheap alternative, there are still some features and functions found within the spec list that may help you reach your fitness goals.

For one, the ability to switch up the resistance is going to come in handy. Not everyone is able to hit the heaviest level of tension from the start, so it’s important to have some variety in difficulty to cater for all strength and fitness needs.

In total, you can switch between eight different levels, which is quite a bit below some of the ex[pensive models in this industry, but a solid amount for its affordable price tag.

In addition to this, the inclusion of seven exercise programs built into the console will keep you busy and keep you pushing yourself to reach new highs. Not every model comes with these kind of applications at this price point, so this is a positive.

Other key features include toe straps to keep your feet planted whilst peddling. These are sensible inclusions for safety. I’ve lost track of the amount of times I’ve slipped off the peddles on bikes at home which has resulted in bruised shins.

Then you have the steel frame that can accommodate weight capacities of up to 275 pounds, which isn’t too bad. Not the heaviest duty going, but for people working with a lower budget, this could work well.

There is also a LCD computer console located at the front which will display statistics about your ride. Included within these stats are RPM, speed, time, distance, wattage, pulse, and calories burned off. This can give you a much clearer picture of how your training is coming along. Especially when you compare data with previous weeks results.

And if you’re worried about the amount of space it’s going to take up, the listed dimensions are 30 inches by 22 inches by 13 inches, which really isn’t big at all as fitness equipment goes. But either way, be sure to measure the space in the area you’re planning to install it before you buy.


We recommend the Universal U10 as a potential option for those riders who aren’t looking to spend a fortune on new training equipment for the home. For casual users, and both beginners and intermediates, this could make a sensible starting model, which you could potentially upgrade to something more advanced later on.

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