Velocity Exercise Dual Motion review

The CHB-RGK862R recumbent bike from Velocity exercise has quite a unique design when you compare it to others. This is because it provides whats known as a dual motion workout which will give both the lower body and upper body a good workout.

This is a true full body cardio workout that offers a unique way to exercise from the comfort of your own home.

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Unlike some of the best sellers in the recumbent exercise bike market, this cardio machine has some unique design attributes that sets it apart from much of the competition whilst still remaining affordable. We browse through the various things listed in the spec below.

  • The seating position riders take up when working out on a recumbent exercise bike takes a lot of weight off the joints, which can be something required by people recovering from injuries. They also come with a back on the seating to ensure appropriate lumbar support is provided helping people focus on giving the arms and legs a good workout, rather than the aches and pains caused elsewhere by being in an uncomfortable position.
  • Some would argue that the eight resistance levels may be a little on the low side. But, like this bike, it provides plenty for the price it’s on sale at. It should be noted that whilst suitable for beginners and intermediate riders, there may be very limited challenges for people who have been training for many years, who may instead want to opt for something with more.
  • All the necessities in understanding your latest workout are stored on the console at the front. This computer is perhaps a little more basic than many top tier options, but it still provides key readouts like time, distance, pulse and more.
  • The upper body hand peddles will provide an extra layer of intensity in your training. The great thing about this is the additional attention your upper body muscles get that they wouldn’t in a more traditional design.
  • Consumers have left plenty of feedback on many shops online. When conducting research, we conclude that the majority of these at the time of writing are quite positive. This is a good sign and will speak volumes about the dual motions quality.


  • Quite a light flywheel at 5kg or 11 pounds. However, as it’s a low priced model, you can’t expect it to offer a heavy duty flywheel that some of the really popular exercise bikes provide.


When shopping for a new recumbent bike, we believe taking time out to understand how the the various models available to you work, and how they can possibly be beneficial.

The Velocity Exercise Dual Motion sets a unique standard that is often overlooked by many brands in the market. The ability to train the upper body alongside lower body is a fantastic touch and we believe one of the reasons it’s growing in popularity. For those of you who want to squeeze your cardio into a busy schedule when working with a small budget, this could potentially provide you with the most important of features.

Hopefully, the information provided here will go a long way in helping you decide whether or not this can be a good match. Good luck.