Vision Fitness R20 review

The Vision Fitness R20 classic is a recumbent exercise bike with plenty of great things going for it. A step through design, and a easily accessible seat make it the perfect option for those of you looking for a bit more comfort and support whilst exercising.

Data tracking, plenty of adjustment options, and several training programs all help in keeping the user happy and motivated, two key ingredients towards being consistent in training.

Additionally, we found consumers have rated it highly so far, with plenty of positive feedback being found at online shops around the web.

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  • A steel frame adds to the overall strength and durability offered by the bike. After all, no one want’s to buy something that will fall apart within a few months.
  • Recumbent, step through design makes it easily accessible for people recovering from injuries or senior citizens.
  • Twenty difficulty levels to train on, making it ideal for a whole range of users from the complete beginner to the more advanced users.
  • Plenty of data fed back to the console regarding your rides.
  • Great back support.


  • Unlike the ProForm 6.0 ES, this is at the higher end of the price scale. Users can expect to pay quite a large amount to get their hands on it. However, finding a solid cardio machine is often about finding the right balance between features and requirements.


So what does the R20 classic bring to the table in terms of design features? Well for starters, it has a very modern style that looks great and look right at home in your gym.

Secondly, the step through design enables riders to get on and off the bike with ease. Sometimes the step over required in more upright styles can be a problem for senior users and of course, people with injury issues.

Similar to the 510SR from Diamondback, it has a mesh material on the back of the seating allows air to flow through and keep you cool while you workout. At the same time, the seat can be moved either further away from the peddles or closer. The huge difference in leg lengths can often be a problem in the home gym setting as bikes will tend to have multiple users, so this is a welcome addition.

The seat itself is contoured and includes plenty of padding to ensure users experience maximum comfort throughout their ride.

A twenty three pound flywheel provides consistency and performance alongside the self balancing peddles. The peddles themselves are equipped with straps to reduce the chances of slipping off.

Two USB ports are built in, should you ever need devices to charge in an emergency, and it is also equipped with a handy water bottle holder.

Exercise features

Twenty levels of magnetic style resistance are included. The intensity can easily be changed using simple up and down buttons on the console. The amount of variety here is always a positive as it shows that it can be good for beginners as well as intermediate and advance cyclists.

Vision Fitness have equipped it with some great workout programs that we personally believe are great motivational tools. These programs include interval training, weight loss focus, heart rate based, and several others to keep you busy.

Console and tracking

Get an understanding of key areas you need to improve on using data fed back to the computer console at the front of the R20. Much like the Weslo Pro 11.2x.

Riders will be able to see information about their time, speed, RPM, amount of calories burnt off, distance peddled, and pulse.

The information on the displays are clear and easily understandable.

What are consumers saying about it?

Whilst it’s not getting the same amount of feedback as some of the more popular models like the Nautilus r616, it still has a lot of high rating across some of the largest online shops in the US.

Some common remarks conclude that the functionality is terrific, and the design is sturdy.


Sometimes, recumbent bikes can be overlooked in favor of choosing the latest and greatest training fad. This is not always a smart move as there is not many exercise equipment on the market that provides the same amount of support and comfort.

We believe the R20 classic is a excellent option for those of you with an above average budget. It’s well designed, sturdy and is packed full of great training options. Not to mention, it has a great amount of resistance built in to the machine.

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