Weslo Cadence G 5.9 review

The Weslo Cadence G 5.9 is a folding treadmill that is equipped with a long list of specifications that enables it to appear as the complete package for any level of fitness.

After conducting our research around the web to get an understanding of what consumers are saying, we have found that it has positive ratings across the board and in some cases, it has become a top seller.

We believe the reasoning behind this is simple. It’s well priced, saves space, and has an excellent set of workout features that make it ideal for home use.

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Design of a Weslo Cadence treadmill

For a treadmill at a lower price point, the Cadence G 5.9 has a great deal of quality included within the design like the R 5.2. The mere fact that it folds and stores easily, gives it a huge advantage over the competition. Many of you may not have a space suitable for storing cardio equipment permanently.

Before you try to fold it up, the manual recommends you are able to lift 45 pounds as this is what is needed to pick the machine belt area up. Don’t try to lift beyond your capabilities as this is the fast way to pick up a injury.

Once folded, the space saved is evident for all to see. It leaves plenty of room to double up for a different purpose when it’s not in use.

Moving on to the tread belt,  Weslo have built in a excellent cushioning system, designed to reduce the impact your run will have on your joints and muscles. A common issue many treadmill runners have is the aches and pains afterwards due to there feet landing on the belt too hard for long periods of time. This helps prevent it from happening.

Keeping the motor going at a consistent pace, is the 2.25 horse power motor. This is slightly less then the 2.75 offered by the Schwinn 830. While you are correct in thinking the power is not the highest found in the market, but it offers great performance and enough power to get a good workout from it in the comfort of your own home.

Weight capacity can be an indicator of the strength of a exercise machine. The manufacturer recommends a weight limit of 250 pounds for the G 5.9, which is a solid number that is slightly above average for lower budget models. All clues seem to point towards a durable design, that is sturdy and handles everyday use well.

The size of a treadmill is extremely important. No two people will have the same requirements, but it’s a good idea to measure the room you are planning to install it in to ensure it’s going to fit. This models dimensions are 67 by 30 by 10 inches. Not a very large machine, but at the same time, you should give yourself plenty of breathing space as you don’t want to feel enclosed whilst training.

The running area size is extremely important. Those of you who have longer strides need to ensure the model is offering a big enough tread belt to fit your needs. This tread belt measures 16 by 50 inches and should give you enough room to stretch your strides out and jog comfortably.

Exercise features

Speed as well as a consistent flow of power to the belt is of paramount importance. If it’s too slow, some users may not get the workout they need from it, too fast, and your looking at spending a lot of cash on speeds you may not even need.

We believe this is a excellent option for both intermediate and beginner runner enthusiasts because it will perform at speeds of up to 10 miles per hour and everything in between. This is only a slightly lower speed than the LifeSpan TR 1200i treadmill.

This will of course mean that anything between a light walk and medium paced jog should be achievable. Naturally this will depend on stride length and what you consider a medium pace.

Yet another excellent feature provided by the Cadence treadmill is the personal trainer workouts that come built in. Because these training applications are designed by qualified personal trainers, you almost get the feeling you are being guided through your training by specialists.

If you feel the need to increase the intensity of your training, you are able to work on two levels of manual incline. This will keep the muscles guessing, and your workouts will remain challenging as long as you mix it up every so often.

Computer console and tracking data

Keeping tabs on how effective your training has been is an extremely important part of getting in shape. Learning the things that are working well for you and the things that aren’t is a key step towards getting in shape and healthy.

As most of our Weslo treadmill reviews would indicate, a monitor at the front of the machine offering a insight into how you are performing through the use of data is common.

The console itself has a great layout and design that makes the control and reading of statistics very simple. You have a screen reading out the key information about your jog in the center, then slightly to the left, you have a thumb pulse rate sensor that will take your heart rate.

Extra options include a quick start button, emergency stop,  and two buttons which allow you to navigate between both intensity and weight loss programs. It’s all very simple, and easily readable.

Folding treadmill comparison table

As one would expect, the competition is fierce in this space. The variety in brands and models can make life difficult for consumer and company alike. Listed below, we have researched into several other similar treadmills on the market and compared them side by side.

 ModelDimensionsWeight CapacitySpeedPrice
Weslo Cadence G 5.967 x 30 x 10"250 lbs0-10 MPH$
ProForm 505 CST70 x 34 x 59.5"300 lbs0-10 MPH$$
Sole Fitness F8535 x 58 x 80"400 lbs0-12 MPH$$$$

How are consumers rating it?

This is quite a popular model if reviews are anything to go by. Plenty of positive feedback can be found along with the odd negative ones.

Common praises include how affordable it is, how easy it is to assemble, and the amount of space that can be saved.

On the negative side of things we have a few comments regarding the running platform breaking quite early on. While this was not an isolated incident, in the grand scheme of things, the positive feedback by far outweighs the negatives in this instance.


Frequently asked questions

How difficult is it to assemble? Relatively simple design that comes with around eight screws and two different Allen keys. According to some users, there may be a need for two people at some parts of the assembly. Most people were able to finish putting it together within thirty minutes.

How fast can you run on this treadmill?

You can’t really expect to be springs on Weslo treadmills. Ten miles per hour is the upper limit, however you can go at a slower, more brisk walking pace if needed. If you’re looking for something that you can go for a fast run or sprint on, you will need to look for something more expensive.

Must I weigh below the recommended capacity? We would say it’s a smart decision to weigh less than the recommended limit for performance purposes. However, there are certainly some instances where we have read feedback from consumers who have had no issues whilst weighing up to 300 pounds. However, the heavier you are, the more stress you put on the framework, and working parts making it more likely to break.

So as a rule of thumb, try to follow the recommendations offered by the manufacturers closely, and you will be happier with the overall longevity shown by the product.


The Weslo Cadence G 5.9 treadmill is an excellent example of why you shouldn’t be put off by a low price tag. It’s very reasonably priced, yet it will meet the needs of beginner to intermediate runners.

More experienced runners may wish to go for something a little more powerful, but for the most part, for everyday cardio needs, we believe this treadmill provides outstanding value for money.

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